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My week has had some twists and turns, like the books I read.  I had definitely planned to accomplish a lot more, but the heat outside and the good books inside kept me hostage in my house.  I did get out on Monday for a little while, to send some mail and to stock up on supplies.  Sometimes I realize that if I didn’t run out of food, I might never leave the house.  Then I think of those people who are agoraphobic…and how they order their food online.  Is that next for me?  LOL.

  • I do enjoy outings, however, and sometimes I go out to restaurants two or three times in a week.  Instead of doing that on Tuesday, like I had originally planned, I went for the mail, and then went through the Taco Bell Drive-Through.  At home, I arranged the tacos on a plate, poured a glass of wine, and told myself that I was creating a new normal.

  • Today came around, and I was determined to go out for dinner tonight.  I had even decided on the restaurant…but then a show I was watching earlier in the afternoon was interrupted by a news conference (I hate when that happens!), so I stuck around until this evening so I could watch the show on Hulu.  Now that is a new low, right?  But while I was streaming, I hopped over to watch a movie on Amazon Prime  (After All These Years), based on a book by Susan Isaacs.  I also pre-ordered Book Club.
  • I did get some reading done this week.  Two books read and reviewed:  The Death of Mrs. Westaway, by Ruth Ware; and Sister of Mine, by Laurie Petrou (a NG ARC, release date 8/7). (Click for my reviews).
  • Currently I am reading and loving All We Ever Wanted, by Emily Giffin.
  • On Sunday nights, I’m still glued to the screen for Sharp Objects…and The Affair, another show I enjoy.
  • Last Sunday afternoon, I saw Mama Mia:  Here We Go Again, and felt myself swaying to the music, and looked around at others doing their own “dancing queen” rendition.  Before the movie, I enjoyed an appetizer and a Blushing Geisha.  That counted as an outing, which is probably why I’ve curled up like a recluse for most of this week.

  • I was scrolling through some photos taken by my son and DIL in Prague, and loved this one.  After walking around Prohonicky Park, snapping photos, they sat down here for drinks.  I felt like I was right there with them.

  • My daughter got all moved into her new house…and sent me a virtual tour via text.  She hasn’t yet arranged the house to her liking, but all the important things are in place…like the kitchen, the bedrooms, the electronics, etc.
  • She’ll want it to be perfect before she invites guests.  Yeah, I’m officially a guest.  LOL.
  • I am so glad not to be moving right now.  A few months ago, I was considering it, but hated the idea so much, I dug my heels in here…and ticked off all the things I still enjoy:  the neighborhood; the amenities that I haven’t found elsewhere at a comparable price; and the thought of packing up all my books and things made me conclude that I am definitely not moving yet.  Instead, I want to hire a housekeeper to help me organize.


So…that was my week.  Weird and reclusive, as some might say.  But tomorrow is a new day…and I might actually get out and do something.  How has your week unfolded?



  1. I’ve never heard of The Affair. Is that on Amazon Prime too? I’m going to look it up.
    Sometimes I get stuck in the house too. Especially because I just don’t feel up to doing anything that requires going outside because of this heat!! But obligations soon having me venturing out there. 😡
    We went through the same moving dilemma. We decided to stay put for now too. Trying to see how downsizing all of this stuff while still benefiting (financially) just doesn’t seem to be coming together at this point. So we are also trying to slowly get rid of things that we have and don’t really need. I could use a housekeeper to help with that too. 🤦🏽‍♀️
    The older I get the more I realize that less is more. (Of course that doesn’t apply to books. 😉)
    Have a great day Laurel Rain.

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Laurie, and I think I did see both Sharp Objects and The Affair on Prime.

      As for moving, when I settled in here eleven years ago, it was already a downsize from my big house in the foothills. I had a lot of stuff to get rid of then…and some to store. But I added more stuff here…and had to go through some purges a couple of years ago.

      The only other move would have to be one that simplified my life even more, but those places don’t have garages attached (I still need that, not just for the car, but for my extra stuff!), and they were too small to incorporate my furnishings that I can’t yet part with. Sigh.

      So…putting that decision on hold for now is the best for me. But I could reorganize a bit here, and I agree that the “less is more” philosophy does not include books! And I do have most of my new books on my Kindle.

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      • We’ve been in our current home for almost 14 years. It’s 3x the size of our NYC condo, so very large. But….homes half the size are more expensive now; and factoring in moving expenses, real estate fees, possible higher interest rate, stress and aggravation, etc. just doesn’t seem worth it right now. I start having an anxiety attack just thinking about packing up all of this stuff!! 🤦🏽‍♀️
        So….we are trying to let go of things a little at a time. I’m trying to remember where it all came from. 🤔 It’s incredible how many things we accumulate over time.

        All of my new books have been physical copies. 😔

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      • Oh, and I can’t part with our garage. It was POURING yesterday and oh how relieved I felt to pull into the garage. Also, when I lug 6 or 7 cases of water home from BJ’s with 40 bottles of water in each case, I can’t imagine not pulling into our garage, putting the door down and taking all of the groceries out at my leisure. 😉

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      • Oh, yes, being able to pull into the garage when it’s raining…and unload the car slowly. Bliss! I seldom even come in or out the front door. It’s all through the garage door and into the kitchen.

        Not something I can give up that easily.

        Thanks, Laurie…your place sounds wonderful…and not one to give up on either. And moving is expensive! Not just finding a place as good, but the process of getting there. Plus…who doesn’t hate packing and unpacking? LOL


  2. But you do get out and you have tons to keep you busy and sometimes it’s nice to just stay home…in comfy clothes! I love to shower early… get dinner prepped and then just relax!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Anne, and going to the movies and dinner would be fun. I love Abba, too…and have the soundtrack of the first movie, a CD. My CD player is shaped like a jukebox, so it feels really retro to turn it on and dance. Not with anyone watching, though. LOL


  3. Oh goodness. Yeah with this heat and humidity some days I really contemplate home delivery. lol I already get all my pet supplies delivered and work from home so could easy just hole up and wait out the summer. lol

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    • Thanks for visiting, Anna, and whenever I watch a movie or read a book about people holed up at home, working, waiting for deliveries, I know that is my dream life. LOL. In the hot summer, anyway.

      Enjoy your week, whether at home or out and about.


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