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Good morning!  Did fireworks keep you awake last night?  I heard them, very loud ones, so I watched TV for a while.  Then, for some reason, I fell asleep and slept a full eight hours…the first time in ages.  I never go out to watch them anymore…I guess I’ve seen enough.

  • My day was full of movies, reading, and plans for upcoming events, like the HBO limited series of Sharp Objects.  Coming July 8, it is based on the Gillian Flynn book, which I enjoyed.  Starring Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, etc.  The hype suggests another Big Little Lies type series.
  • Other people in my family had real celebrations, like #2 Son Brett & his GF Madeline.  They spent their time in Las Vegas.

  • I started watching the Netflix series Happyish...and it kept me engaged for a while.
  • On Saturday, I finally got around to hosing off the patio.  Just sweeping it down does not quite do it anymore, plus the water cooled me off, too.  The patio is tiny, but when it is buried in leaves and cobwebs, it seems HUGE:

  • I  kept losing my signal on the TVs…so the AT&T technician came on Tuesday, and worked outside on the lines, and then inside…and so far, so good.  Knock wood.
  • I am frustrated with the darkness of The Handmaid’s Tale, and keep hoping for an escape for June (Offred)…sigh.
  • I’ve only read and reviewed one book this week (so far):  My Girls, by Todd Fisher (click for review).  I loved it, though, and it was filled with gorgeous photos that made me remember Carrie and Debbie.
  • I’m almost finished with Night Moves, by Jonathan Kellerman…a very twisty tale.
  • Next I hope to start reading My (Not So) Perfect Life, by Sophie Kinsella…a library book due 7/18.  So far I’ve managed to return my library books early.
  • I’ve been noticing this third book in the Devil Wears Prada series:  When Life Gives You Lululemons, by Lauren Weisberger.  I enjoyed the first book in the series; the second one, not so much.  But I’m willing to try again with this one.  I like this opening line in the blurb:  HE SET HER UP. THEY’LL BRING HIM DOWN.


So…these are my thoughts from the sidelines…what does your week look like so far?




  1. 8 hours sleep, now that is what I call bliss and a very suitable celebration of the 4th I say! Nice that you got the patio hosed off, there is such satisfaction in doing a task like that and then sitting back and enjoying the result.

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  2. OH my…you have quite a few remote controls…I loved the Lululemon book. I think you will, too! The huge Fireworks that are set off to music and fountains were at Longwood Gardens on Saturday…Longwood was the former home of one of the DuPonts…it’s a ticketed event that brings tons of people…so we didn’t really hear any last night…except for our neighbors. Oh…we can see the Longwood Fireworks from our yard so we’ve never even attempted to go there.

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    • I do have a lot of remotes, Patty; I find one universal remote too confusing. Lol

      I remember watching the fireworks from the outskirts of the town where I grew up.

      I have noticed good reviews on the Lululemon book. Enjoy your books.


    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy; what a great way to end the fireworks!

      I hope you love My Girls as much as I did. Todd’s conversational voice kept me going through the book, and the gorgeous photos totally made it a keeper. I now have it on a shelf with Carrie’s and Debbie’s books.


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