Welcome to another Coffee Chat in which we share some bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts.

This morning I woke up at my usual early time (6:00 a.m.) and thought about having a lie-in.  When did I have one last?  As I lay there, trying to decide, I started thinking about the week, and pondering what to write about it in this post…and the next thing I knew, I was out of bed, going through my routines, and turning on the computer.  Since it’s Thursday, I had to think hard to recall what, if anything, I had accomplished this week.  A lot of running around on errands, plus some shopping for birthday stuff for upcoming birthdays.  Aaron, my youngest 20-something grandson, just turned 20 on the fifth. (He joins two siblings and two cousins who are also 20-something).  See, below, a photo of the young man, his dad (Brett) and his siblings.  Aaron is the tallest.  You might think the others are short, but they are also tall, ranging from 5’10” (Aubrey) to 6’6 or 7″ (Aaron).  Alec, on the far right, has a birthday next week!  He just graduated from UC Berkeley a couple of weeks ago.


  • Yesterday I enjoyed a respite from errands and had coffee with a friend at the neighborhood Barnes & Noble.  On the top right of the photo, catch a glimpse of the wall art:   assorted “book covers” are arranged around the shop.

  • After coffee, we were drawn to the books.  I found one that I had ordered from Amazon, which will be arriving later today.  I couldn’t resist looking through it, to check out some of the photos and memorabilia (more than 32 pages).  Lovely!  That’s why I ordered  a hardcover version instead of an e-book:  My Girls:  A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie, by Todd Fisher…

  • At home, I finished Bring Me Back, by B. A. Paris, a NetGalley review book being released on 6/19. (Click title for review).
  • I am currently reading a library book, Manhattan Beach, but not moving along very quickly…only 20% in.  I need to hurry, as I got another library book notice, and downloaded the book today:  The Beach House, by Mary Alice Monroe.  I had recently seen the Hallmark Movie based on the book…and had to request it from the library.
  • These library book notices appear in my inbox at least every week, so far.  I am enjoying not having to buy everything that I want to read!  Between the library books and review books, I keep busy.  I still have a hefty TBR of purchased books, too.  I’m making a little progress.
  • On 6/22, a Mini-Bloggiesta begins…and, as usual, I’ve started working on a few things.  I picked my Rainy Days and Mondays site as my target this time. (Click the link to see what I’ve done so far).
  • At night I’ve been watching TV shows and Netflix.  The Fosters, a show I’ve followed since its beginning, had three nights of series finale episodes this week.  On Netflix, I finished Season I of Safe, but I’m not sure there will be another season.
  • So…with the TGIT shows on hiatus, maybe I’ll actually get some reading done tonight!


I think I’m done for now…next I will visit some blogs to catch up on some of your adventures.  What did your week look like?  I know some of you went to BEA.  Share!!



  1. I started watching Safe but I am not sure that I am that into it. I am however really into the B.A. Paris book…did you read How To Walk Away? I am waiting for it from the library!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Patty; I started watching Safe and wasn’t that hooked, but then I watched the second episode and more…and couldn’t stop watching.

      I loved How to Walk Away…in fact, I’ve enjoyed several Katherine Center books. I also loved Bring Me Back.

      I am excited about how I keep getting more library books. At some point, I may have to send some back…LOL


    • Thanks for stopping by, Jenea, I love that Barnes & Noble is right around the corner…and I go there a lot. But I think I should be walking there…but then I find an excuse, like it’s too hot. Or what if I have bags to carry? LOL

      I wonder if there will be a Season II for Safe?


    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and I’ve been so distracted lately that I had to go to the supermarket twice; I forgot some major things on the first trip.

      I do love coffee at Barnes & Noble…it’s an interesting hang-out for some people, since I see a group of the same people every time I come. They take up one of the larger tables.

      Your BEA adventure sounds awesome!


  2. How gorgeous all those book covers around the Barnes and Noble cafe. Good to be organised for all those birthdays! I find now being retired I just might be busier than when I worked, but busy doing the things I really like all day!!

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