Welcome to another Coffee Chat in which we share some bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts.

The week started off with a relaxing Monday, followed by an odd and hectic Tuesday.  I had to have the smog test done on my car.  The results were not good, with one test failing.  Apparently the engine computer needs to reset after having the battery changed (actually, that work was done a few months ago), and he recommended driving the car for 60-80 miles on the freeway, after which it should pass.  I had never heard of such a thing, but a woman in the waiting room said she had the same problem.  So I spent a couple of hours driving to a southern town (a total of 102 miles round trip), took the car back…and it passed.  Weird, right?

  • Just now I Googled it…and apparently it’s a “thing.”  So…I guess it’s not so good to simply drive around town a lot.  More freeway driving in my future!  A road trip ahead?
  • The whole day was gobbled up with this nonsense, but since the car passed, I had to reward myself and relax at Mimi’s with this mini-dinner:

  • The rest of the week was spent reading and reviewing one book:  The Gunners, by Rebecca Kauffman (click for my review). 
  • I’m ready to start another June NetGalley arc:  Shadow Dancing, by Julie Mulhern.  I love this funny cozy mystery series.
  • While scrolling through the titles on Netflix, I stumbled upon a dysfunctional family drama called Greenleaf.  Oprah plays a role in the show, which centers around a family that leads a sprawling Memphis megachurch…and there are secrets and scandals.  Those last bits grabbed me, plus the Oprah part.  I soon found myself addicted to it.
  • I’ve finished the two available seasons…and I’m curious about what happens next.
  • Do you ever do that?  Stumble upon something that doesn’t seem like your “thing,” only to surprise yourself with how it draws you in?
  • I’ve decided that the drama, scandal, and family dysfunction are actually my catnip, no matter how they are presented.
  • Today I have a hair styling appointment…my bangs are almost covering my eyes.  I sent my daughter a funny text with an emoji of hair covering my face…asking if she could help.  She did her “ha-ha” reply and scheduled an appointment for me.
  • So…that’s happening this afternoon, and now I must decide what to do with the rest of the morning.  Read, visit blogs, CLEAN MY CLOSET?  No on the last thing.  LOL


How is your week shaping up?  Any drama…or delightful events?


8 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: ODD BITS & PIECES…

  1. Did you ever buy more new clothes? Remember a few weeks ago you were in a dangerous shopping mood? Road trips can be fun but I don’t think yesterday counts as a road trip…it was more of a working trip…plus freeway driving! OMG!

    I think from now on I am going use your NetGalley schedule to help me to read the right books at the right time…thank you!

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    • Thanks, Patty, my shopping trip ended with new PJs…LOL. Funny, right? I do want to buy more tops…and maybe some new pants, too. But…I should clear out my closet first.

      The freeway driving was kind of stressful, as there was construction along the sides, with those barriers they set up when they’re working on something. I always feel as though I’m going to hit one of those things. And trucks…so many trucks!


  2. My stomach is growling after seeing the Mimi’s mini meal 🙂 I don’t watch a lot of tv (or streaming) but I’ll keep Greenleaf in mind. Sounds good! I’m glad your car passed. Very strange about how it resolved the issue. Are the freeways in your area crowded? Not sure I’d want to hop on if they are.

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    • Thanks for visiting, Mary, and I really needed that meal after the day I had…LOL

      I hate freeway driving, mostly because of the trucks, but also the construction which always seems to be a THING. But…the freeways here are nothing like the ones in the Bay Area (which scare me!) or LA…also a fearful thing.

      If the woman in the waiting room hadn’t mentioned having the same issue, I might have thought he was just drumming up more business. I was very suspicious of the whole situation. But then I found it on Google.

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  3. I usually just drive around town but with my last car that caused a problem for the motor, evidently cars do need a long drive every so often to clear the engine out. With my new car not a problem as I have already done a lot of mileage with trips north. I see in the comments above you hate the trucks, yes so do I, they are so intimidating.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, and the trucks are the worst. With some freeway driving, especially if I’m watching for unfamiliar exits (Bay Area), I get really stressed out.

      Now I’ll know to get more road trips in before my next smog check. Lol


  4. I rarely do the drive the car around thing and have never had an issue…probably just jinxed myself. Looks like I’ll have a new car before next inspection. It’s way overdue.

    No drama this week, just lots of work. I got my SRES designation, so that I can now specialize in helping seniors downsize or transition to other types of housing. I’ve gotten a ton of practice helping my in-laws already.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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    • I’ve never done the drive around before this year, but looking back, I had no major freeway driving, so I think the engine needed the kinks out…or I just got unlucky. LOL

      Congrats on the SRES designation. Enjoy helping seniors!

      Thanks for visiting, Cheryl.


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