Blue skies and smooth seas return to the coastal community of Stony Point. Until a new arrival in this little New England beach town sets forth a competition like no other. As the temperature rises beneath the summer sun, so do the antics and good-natured fun.

Join Jason Barlow, Maris, Kyle, Elsa and the rest of the gang for another unforgettable season at the shore. The sound of gulls and lapping waves are calling you to the page … for a summer read that’s purely Beach Bliss.

My Thoughts: I love joining in with familiar characters who feel like friends, and in Beach Bliss, the crew is all there at Stony Point Beach.

This time, we are watching as Elsa finishes renovating her cottage into Ocean Star Inn, with the help of architect Jason Barlow. Jason’s wife Maris is Elsa’s niece, and is trying to finish writing Neil’s manuscript. The accident that killed Neil seriously injured his brother Jason, and Jason still struggles with the after-effects, both physically and emotionally.

Elsa’s son Sal died the year before, and his fiancée Celia was pregnant at the time, and now has a baby she named Aria.

Everyone in the community has taken the two under their wings…and even organized a series of “godfather contests.” Funny and poignant moments carry us along. I especially enjoyed how the old Foley’s Back Room remained intact in the inn, as part of their past and their history.

The godfather contests were the least interesting aspects to me, but I did smile when the women set out to find their own way to enjoy a piece of the godfather action. As the rest of the novel picked up and carried us along to Aria’s christening and Jason’s attempt to find out more about a mysterious cottage, I was once again glued to the pages. 5 stars.



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