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Our weather here has cooled down a bit:  it is now 66 degrees, but the day ahead will be in the 80s.  I can do that!

My reading this week was tilted toward two family drama novels and one psychological thriller.  I like this balance!  Soon I will be reading my June NetGalley ARCs (I have three), which are also a mix of genres.

Netflix and Hulu viewing have taken me to crime and dystopian drama.  I might have to find something less frightening. (The Handmaid’s Tale & American Crime/OJ Simpson).

The good news for my health has been a regular routine of bicycling on my stationary device.  I am feeling energized!  Watching movies from my DVR while I peddle is a great way to distract myself from the exercise.

Yesterday I enjoyed a mani-pedi…I’m now ready for summer!


So…what else is going on this week?  Let’s grab some more coffee…and chat.


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Bookish Friday:  “Every Note Played”

Review:  The New Neighbors (e-book), by Simon LelicReview:  The Female Persuasion (e-book), by Meg WolitzerReview:  Before I Let You Go (e-book), by Kelly Rimmer


INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One review book came in my mailbox!  Another library book appeared in my Kindle, and I purchased two downloads!  A nice mix of ways to add books to my shelves.

Nothing Forgotten, by Jessica Levine (Author Review Request)


Every Note Played (e-book), by Lisa Genova (Library Book)


Purchased Downloads:

My Ex-Life (e-book), by Stephen McCauley

The Smell of Other People’s Houses (e-book), by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock



Currently Reading:  The Garden of Small Beginnings, by Abbi Waxman

Beach Bliss, by Joanne DeMaio (Author Review Request)


And then…wherever my whims take me!

That was my week:  what did yours look like?  Last night, I went out to dinner after my mani-pedi, and while I watched TV at home, I enjoyed this dessert , a Fudge Slab Pie.  (Half of it, anyway; the rest is saved in the fridge).



  1. Happy Mother’s Day! And your temps sound great! Yay for nice weather. also… Handmaid’s Tale- yes that is a very dark watch! I haven’t started S2 yet but soon… but I feel like I need a palate cleanser after I watch it!

    The Smell of Other People’s Houses has such a lovely cover!

    Yum fudge pie 🙂

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    • Thanks, Greg, and yes, a palate cleanser is necessary! So much darkness, and I shudder to think of such events happening in our future! Let’s hope not!

      I love that title of The Smell of Other People’s Houses…it grabbed me. I like the cover, too.

      Tomorrow I’ll be doing some wine tasting with my daughter and son-in-law…nice weather is great for it.

      Have a great week!


  2. Well it seems as though you had a great week! I absolutely loved Garden…your other books are really new to me. Have a great day tasting wine tomorrow!

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    • Thanks, Patty, even as I am enjoying Garden so far, I keep flipping through pages of other books on my Kindle and wondering if I should go back and forth between several books. LOL

      I haven’t been wine tasting since my vacation in Napa a few years ago!


  3. I am comfortable with the 80’s. 🙂 We’ve seen our temperatures drop into the 60’s as well recently. We sold my exercise bike when we moved, and I sometimes regret that. I probably would get more exercise while watching Netflix then.

    I hope you enjoy your new books! The Smell of Other People’s Houses is one I’ve been looking at for awhile now. It’s a lovely cover. 🙂 That Fudge Slab pie sure looks good!

    Have a great week, Laurel-Rain!

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  4. We’ve been around 90 all week and I’ve spent each day in the pool. That’s a nice mix of genres. I’ve been mixing them up too. Keeps reading fresh for me. And you are killing me with that pie. Yummy! LOL I recently started doing yoga again and already feel the benefits. And I like to listen to audibles while doing it. Kind of hard to watch the telly when my head is upside down. LOL

    My Sunday Post

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I like Abbi Waxman’s books so far…I read her more recent one (Other People’s Houses), and then had to download The Garden of Small Beginnings. The author’s voice makes me feel like I’m there, having a conversation with the characters. Enjoy your week! And yes, the pie was tasty, but I had to divide it up into smaller pieces for separate occasions. LOL

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  5. I would love to get my hands on Abbi Waxman’s book, I loved Other People’s House and a copy of Every Note Played too. Enjoy. The Fudge Slab looks delicious!

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    • Thanks, Nicole, I agree about The Smell of Other People’s House…such an interesting title, I couldn’t resist.

      As much as I don’t like most exercising, bicycling while watching movies on TV works best for me. Enjoy your week.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer; I got my first one many years ago, and then sold it when I moved. I bought this one for my bedroom a few years ago, and only started using it again recently. Enjoy your week.


  6. Have a lovely Mothers’ Day, Laurel. That dessert looks completely yummy – and I’m glad you are enjoying the reading and the temperatures thus far are very doable… long may they continue:). Have a great week.

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  7. I love that color on your nails – is it a deep purple? And as usual, your blog now has me craving pie. Hope you have a wonderful week. And oh, if you are enjoying Dystopians, check out The Rain on Netflix. We’ve watched the first 4 episodes and really enjoy it!

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  8. I’m new to Sunday Post and I’m checking out all the blogs. 80s is great, it’s been 95ish this weekend but back to 80s after tomorrow. I used to ride my stationery bike while I watched tv but now I listen to audiobooks. Anne – Books of My Heart.

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    • Thanks, Nise, I am finally getting my “groove” back, but I have to make sure to do the exercising in the morning…otherwise I get caught up in other things.

      I tend to gravitate to the purple nail colors. Enjoy your week!


  9. I’m interested to know how My Ex-Life is. I received two review copies. I think I’m going to do a giveaway with my extra copy.

    That pie looks incredible! And, I have the same Kindle cover. ☺️

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    • Thanks, Martha, I’m glad that I didn’t eat the pie all in one sitting. It was sooo rich!

      Looking forward to my new books…and some of my older ones that I’m bringing forward on the list. Enjoy your week.


  10. Oh, I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Smell of Other People’s Houses, it’s been on my shelf for a short while and I’ve heard good things about it.
    And I can relate to the exercise+TV combination, that’s almost the only way I can tolerate indoor exercise (that, or an audiobook). Have a great week and happy reading!

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    • Thanks, Kay, and I had tried exercising with TV before, but only when I started watching movies while exercising did I succeed in staying on the bike for a decent amount of time.

      I think The Smell of Other People’s Houses will have to be up soon on my list.

      Enjoy your week.


  11. Your weather sounds just about perfect to me. Great idea to bike while you watch movies… I don’t have a stationary bike, but I like to walk on the treadmill while I watch. Audiobooks don’t seem to be quite enough distraction (I listen to them while I walk outside). Think I need the audio/visual combination to counteract the boredom of the treadmill, lol!

    Great review of The Female Persuasion. I finished it over the weekend and loved it, too. Have a great week!

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    • Thanks, Heidi, I am definitely loving Garden of Small Beginnings, which I wasn’t sure about beforehand because of the gardening, but since I enjoyed the author’s voice in Other People’s Houses, I took the leap. So glad I did.

      Enjoy your week!


  12. I have really liked Lisa Genova books, but for some reason I’m just not drawn to Every Note Played. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it. Have a great week.

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  13. Glad to hear that bicycling on your stationary machine has energized you. The bike is such good exercise! Also pleased to see you picked up a copy of My Ex Life. That looks to be good and I hope to get to it myself. We haven’t started Season 2 of the Handmaid’s Tale yet. Maybe I’m too scared to?? Have a good week.

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    • Thanks, Nicc, and I wish you could get the shows too! I think I have too many different sites, though, from Hulu, Amazon Prime, to Netflix…but once you have them, you feel as though you can’t manage without them. Sigh.


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