Welcome to another Coffee Chat in which we share some bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts.

Have you ever had a day—or even a week—when everything seems to go wrong?  Like a coffee pot that doesn’t work (again!) despite rigorous cleaning?  Or being locked out of the bank account because you entered the wrong password too many times?  Or you woke up at 5:30 to a phone call, and realized you needed to hurry?  That last one happened yesterday when my youngest son Chris called:  he was right around the corner and wanted to come over for coffee.

  • The coffee part was problematic, as I was already having issues with that stinking pot.  I think I jinx those things, since I’ve literally had two new ones in the last year.
  • I knew he was in town…he and his wife are here for the funeral on Monday…so sad.  But I was glad for the opportunity to reconnect, spend some time together, and remember Jessica.  My DIL went to another daughter’s house for the day, as she has eight grandchildren she hadn’t seen in a while.

  • When I think of a young life lost, my daily annoyances are so trivial.
  • Jessica was a twin of Diana, and the two of them brought such joy to our lives. (Jessica is on the right).  I hadn’t seen either of them in recent years, as they had been living in Northern California and/or Oregon.

  • After catching up on life and news and remembering the good times while looking at photos, Chris and I went for brunch.

  • Then we hopped over to Target to pick up some things, like a new Blu-Ray player to hook up in my bedroom.  Chris loves doing that kind of thing, and now I have another place to view my favorite streaming events.
  • Last night I watched the new episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.
  • Then I re-watched (from my DVR) the Julie & Julia movie, which always makes me smile.  Chris says he and Kerrie love that movie and view it a lot.
  • Sometimes remembering the precious moments and small pleasures in life helps us get through the tough parts.
  • I haven’t been reading much this week.  I did finish Let Me Lie (click for review), and started Paper Ghosts, but haven’t made much progress with it.

  • So far, it isn’t grabbing me…but that is probably just me, in a mood over life in general right now.
  • Do you find that your overall mood affects your reading pleasure?


I hope you are having a wonderful week…or at least a productive one.  I will strive to work through the tough parts and come out the other side loving the precious moments.  Happy reading!



  1. Big things in life – and death – make us realise what is important and what is trivial. Jessica looks beautiful and a sad time for all who knew and loved her. Great you can visit with your son, good family time helps.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I agree about the importance of family time. We cherish our memories and create new bonds with friends and family. Sharing photos also helps.

      Sometimes, with the distance in miles between us, we might connect mostly through Skype or text…which is why I’m grateful for these small technological advances in our lives.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

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