Welcome to another Coffee Chat, featuring our bookish and not so bookish thoughts, hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

The weather has turned mild again, with 70-something temperatures.  No rain for several days, but while we had the rain, I found my reading mojo again…and so far this week, I’ve read and reviewed three books and I’m well into my fourth.  Two were NetGalley ARCs:  The Good Liar, by Catherine McKenzie and Other People’s Houses, by Abbi Waxman; (click for my reviews).  The third was a library book:  Map of the Heart, by Susan Wiggs (click for my review).

  • Now I’m reading and loving another library book:  Her Every Fear, by Peter Swanson.
  • I’m slowly learning the ins and outs of navigating Libby @Overdrive.  Figuring out how long I have to wait for each book.  So far, I’ve already downloaded three books as “loans.”
  • Son #2 took a road trip this week with his three kids, Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron; here’s a shot of them at the Grand Canyon…beautiful setting!

  • Here are Brett and two of the kids taking selfies:


  • I thought my youngest grandson (age 15) would be spending the weekend, but he’s going to his dad’s instead.  That works, as now I won’t have to scramble to arrange activities during the Easter weekend.
  • Speaking of Easter, I loved finding adorable photos of my great-grandniece, Margaret, who looks ready for spring in this one:

  • And doesn’t she look grown up in this shot?  Is that hot chocolate?


How is your week shaping up?  Do you have plans for the weekend?


14 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: BOOKS, MOVIES, ETC.

    1. Thanks, Patty…I will try to be patient as I wait for books…and if I must have one, I could still buy. But at least I won’t be greedily buying every book that I might want to read, since that hasn’t turned out well for me.

      I have to love the author, so that will help curtail impulsive purchases.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and I hope the movie is accurate in its details. I have seen some documentary type shows about the event, and I even read one of Joyce Carol Oates’s books, based on the tragedy, called Black Water. It was great!

      I was very impressed by Her Every Fear, and now I have to read more from this author.


  1. I’ve recently switched to Libby after using BorrowBox predominantly. I think the perfect audio app would be a mix of both (!) but I’m having to find my way around Libby because my local library now uses it over BorrowBox. I do like that you can see the percentage of a book read.

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    1. Yes, I’m loving Libby. I had stopped borrowing books because I didn’t like having to go out to get them…lazy me!

      Downloading from an app works best for me. I don’t listen to audio, so that isn’t a factor for me.

      Enjoy your reading (and listening), Kate, and thanks for visiting..

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