Welcome to another Coffee Chat, featuring our bookish and not so bookish thoughts, hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

It has been a rainy week, but I haven’t had to go anywhere…so far.   It is a perfect week for reading.  I’ve finished two books, and enjoyed them both, which is a nice change from last week.  Not That I Could Tell, by Jessica Strawser (click for review) is a NetGalley ARC, with a 3/27 release date.  The Bad Daughter was a quick read; I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

  • My current read:  The Perfect Nanny, by Leila Slimani:  so far, interesting.
  • This week:  Bloggiesta!  Click to see what I’ve done so far.
  • Last night, Son #2 participated in a Poker Tournament with some celebrities, and sent me texts with photos:  In this one, he (on the left, lol) is shown with Richard Kind…and an unknown-to-me woman.

  • My son works in the movie business, so he is often in situations with celebrities.  He sent me this one with Lou Diamond Phillips, because we used to say LDP was Brett’s twin (in La Bamba days).  Not so much any more.  LOL

  • I do want to get out of the house, but the rain and sheer laziness have kept me inside.  Maybe dinner tonight?  Right now, the rain is not coming down that hard.

  • Meanwhile, I’m reading, watching a little TV, and enjoying this melted cheese & tomato sandwich:


So, that was my week so far….what does yours look like? 


10 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: RAINY DAYS, ETC.

  1. Patty

    OMG! You cooked that sandwich! That’s the first time I have seen something you made other than coffee and cereal…you go, girl! You probably are a Top Chef but you just don’t feel like cooking any more?

    When we lived in Santa Clara we really only had rain in the fall months…and people always used to say that anywhere near San Francisco was a Mediterranean climate. Just think…had we stayed in CA…we could really have been besties! We got our first Tonk there…a boy kitty we named Sam…I took him everywhere with me. Even to Cost Plus! I would buy a hand carved animal every time I was in that store! I used to drive to the city to meet Den after work…I can’t imagine doing that now.

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    1. Ha-ha, Patty…Yes, I once used to cook Christmas dinners for house guests, all without any help. I did all this when in my marriages…and afterwards, I simplified the cooking a great deal.

      Eventually, after the kids moved out, I didn’t see any point. My daughter claims she doesn’t remember any of my cooking…LOL. Of course, she was three at the time of the divorce, so only recalls the easy dinners.

      You may have noticed that my cheese is a little scorched at the top…but I love it like that. Just sayin’.

      I adore living in California, and you should have stayed! Even though I enjoy visiting other places, like Seattle and Boston, and I would love to visit New York. Sam sounds adorable!

      But California life (and attitude) define me. Probably because I’ve always lived here. But I think I also lived here in a previous life.


      1. Patty

        We lived in Santa Clara for the first three years that we were married. We literally honeymooned in San Francisco and then drove to our apartment…our wedding was in Ohio where I lived and we flew to CA the evening after our wedding. I loved Santa Clara!

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