Welcome to another Coffee Chat, featuring our bookish and not so bookish thoughts, hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

Wow, what a week!  Errands, lunch out with my daughter on Monday; dinner out with my granddaughter Fiona on Tuesday; and a couple of really good books read and reviewed.  The Promise Between Us, by Barbara Claypole White was captivating. (Click for my review).

I woke up early this morning to write my review of Even If It Kills Her, by Kate White, a book I finished late last night.   Then I wrote my Monthly Wrap-Up post.  Whew!

  • What is ahead for March?  I am trying to read some of the books I ignored before, like books from last year.  I wrote a post about My TBR for 2017.  I read quite a few of the books I bought last year, but there are still a few unread ones.  My Total Purchased Books for 2017: 149.  My Total Unread Purchases for 2017:  41.
  • I am also reading new books:  Out of 14 book purchases in January, I’ve read 10.  Of the 4 unread, one was a DNF.  So:  3 to go!
  • Today I started An Early Wake (e-book, County Cork #3), by Sheila Connolly, a book purchased in December 2017.
  • Soon I hope to read An American Marriage, by Tayari Jones, a recent download.
  • A book series I have loved over the years was Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Series, with Kinsey Millhone.  I thought I had read most of the books, but did find one I had missed from the early part of the alphabet:  K is for Killer.

  • My plan is to gradually read all the ones I missed.
  • The Hallmark show Home & Family is on in the background, and one of the guests just said that time spent on our cell phones can cause back pain...hmm.  So, yes, according to an article I found on Spine Universe, by Googling the topic:

  • I can think of other issues with cell phones…like does anyone even talk anymore?  They don’t just stop talking on their phones, but the constant texting seems to be a substitute for person-to-person communication.
  • When I had dinner with my granddaughter, Fiona, here’s what she was doing when I snapped the photo:

  • Of course, I was also on my phone, taking the photo…LOL
  • So…these are some of my thoughts on the first day of March…also, I am really excited that the TGIT line-up on TV is happening tonight!


What are your thoughts on March 1?  What plans are ahead for you?


11 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: IT’S MARCH!

  1. I make a point of not pulling my phone out at mealtimes or when chatting with my family. But I do love my phone for the ability to have messenge conversations with friends who love a long way off and who (like me) aren’t big fans of talking on the phone

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Charlotte, and even though I was long to come around to a cell phone, especially one with lots of apps, etc., I do appreciate its ability to connect to the Internet and to friends and family.


  2. I read ‘A is for Alibi’ and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I haven’t progressed more with the alphabet of crime, but I want to in the future. Happy March!

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    • Thanks, Kathy, I never got tired of connecting with Kinsey again with each new book. I’m kind of glad there were some books I missed along the way, so I can reconnect with that character.

      Did you ever read Grafton’s semi-memoir Kinsey & Me? It was great.

      An American Marriage sounds really good to me. Enjoy!


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