Welcome to another Coffee Chat, featuring our bookish and not so bookish thoughts, hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

This week flew by, and yet, looking back, I’m not completely sure what, if anything, I accomplished.  I did go to the accountant yesterday for my taxes.  That’s done.  Nothing good there, but it is one task behind me.

  • Yesterday was Fiona’s 21st birthday…Aubrey had hers on the 13th.  Here they are, playing together at my home in the foothills.  It feels like just a little while ago!

  • My reading has been pretty slow.  I rapidly finished the first book, Look for Me, by Lisa Gardner (click for my review), but I’ve been plodding along on the second book, Blood Sisters, by Jane Corry.  I’m not quite into it yet, with the alternating voices:  one woman who has some secrets and is working in a prison; and the other, a brain-damaged woman who may be connected to the first woman.  It hasn’t grabbed me yet, but I’ll keep going.
  • I may pick up another book to read along, hoping it will draw me out of this slump:  Growing Up Fisher, by Joely Fisher, is one I’ve moved to the living room…and I may give it a go now. (See the cover at the top of the post).
  • In my experience, pairing a nonfiction with a fiction book sometimes moves things along for me.
  • If not, I could just continue with a less-than-stellar reading week.
  • Okay…I’m in a funk!  I’m not sure why.  But I did binge-watch Parenthood on Netflix last night (I’m on Season 2); I’ve seen the show before, of course, but somehow, immersing myself in the lives of this familiar family felt…comforting.

  • I haven’t been watching the Olympics (I hate sports on TV!), and the absence of my regular shows has added to the out-of-sorts feeling.

  • Sometimes changing things up can help…and this weekend, I’ll be featuring my Weekly Updates here:

Stop on by, and see my lackluster week…lol.  Enjoy the rest of your week…



    • Thanks, Patty, the days were broken up by tasks and errands…and I’m trying to cut back on the restaurants…although I did eat at Marie Callender’s on Tuesday. I forgot about that!

      It’s not raining here, so that takes care of “dancing in the rain”; and fantasy? No, not happening. LOL


  1. I started on our taxes last night. It’s a task I hate but love to have done. I think I’m going to my mom’s next week to do here.

    My reading has been slow because I’ve been distracted ever since the shooting in Florida. This one has affected me more than most of the recent ones for some reason.

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    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and it is definitely good to get the taxes behind us.

      This shooting has affected me a lot, too, mostly because of the lackluster response from Congress and the White House.

      I know my reading has been affected as well.

      Enjoy your time with your mom!


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