Good morning!  Let’s grab some coffee and chat.  I am a big fan of coffee, and in my quest to find the perfect pot of coffee, I sometimes go astray.

The last bag of coffee that I purchased was not my favorite:  it was a milder flavor, and didn’t quite do it for me.  I accidentally picked up the wrong kind!  Then I found a rich and dark blend, and I’m enjoying the first pot of that this morning.  Yum!  Usually I only  feel this burst of flavor when I go to Barnes & Noble to read and sip their coffee, where I order it with two shots of Espresso.  But I’m too lazy to get dressed and go there on most mornings.

I might go this afternoon, though.  I’m feeling a little stir crazy. 

Last night I finished reading Two Girls Down, by Louisa Luna…my third book of the week.  (Click for my review).

Next I plan to start reading one of my March NetGalley ARCs:  The Flight Attendant, by Chris Bohjalian. (Release Date – 3/13).

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Guest Room, a powerful story about the ways an entire life can change in one night: A flight attendant wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man – and no idea what happened.

I loved The Guest Room!  It was also a NetGalley ARC…click for my review.


I’ve been waiting for this book for months!  I have loved several books by this author, and the anticipation has been palpable.

So…imagine me curling up with Pippa, my Kindle…another cup of coffee…and bliss.

How is your day shaping up for you?







  1. Patty

    I didn’t realize that you loved coffee so much!

    I am sitting in my big comfy chair…reading blogs and thinking about my blog for today. I worked out, dusted while Den vacuumed, had a burrito for lunch and once I clear away blogs…I will read! I am reading After Anna…and it’s really good.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Patty, and oh, yes, I couldn’t make it through a morning without coffee. But I can’t just drink any coffee. It has to have just the right flavor.

      I am very eager to get to After Anna…but it will be a while, since it is an April release and I don’t read a book until I can also write the review immediately afterwards…

      You had a busy morning! Enjoy the weekend.


      1. Patty

        I have learned finally to write the review and try to save it but I think I am not doing that very well. I send the review to whomever it came from and try to hold off on the others. I am even writing down the pub date and where I should send it then.

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