Welcome to another Coffee Chat, featuring our bookish and not so bookish thoughts, hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

Another week with some reading, some blogging (Bloggiesta!), and a few appointments.  Those are annoying, usually, except I did have a hair appointment today and my daughter did something fun with my silvering hair.

  • I read and reviewed The Almost Sisters, by Joshilyn Jackson (click for review), and I was kicking myself for letting it languish on Pippa for so many months!
  • I’m reading (and loving) Promise Not to Tell, by Jayne Ann Krentz; I hope to finish it tomorrow…but if I don’t, no worries.  I am taking a more laid-back attitude this year.
  • However, despite that vow, I did read and review thirteen books in January, and not surprisingly, seven of them were mysteries/thrillers/cozies. 
  • I now have eight e-ARCs on my list…how did I get so many all of a sudden?  Some were offered to me without request, which is a good thing…I guess.  Luckily, the dates are spread out a little, but four of them will be released in March.
  • I hope to read Exposed, by Lisa Scottoline, in the next week or so…I have her newest book from NetGalley and want to catch up a bit.  Plus, I’ve had the book since August 2017.
  • Yesterday, my granddaughter Fiona called and asked if we could hang out…so, of course, I said yes.  We went to dinner at Mimi’s and had salmon and salad…which was delicious.

  • Has anyone read this book?  I’m eagerly waiting for it:  Release Date – April 3, 2018;  an electric, multilayered novel about ambition, power, friendship, and mentorship, and the romantic ideals we all follow deep into adulthood, not just about who we want to be with, but who we want to be.

  • Aubrey, my other granddaughter, is back in San Diego, after her semester in Prague.  Below, she shared one of the photos she took just before she left.  To me, it looks like a cabin you might find in a mystery novel.


So….that is my week so far.  What are you reading or blogging about?



    • Thanks, Cheryl, at my age, I have to find fun wherever I can! LOL

      I love the photo of the cabin, too. And I’m glad my granddaughter Aubrey got to spend a semester in Prague (and surrounding countries). She and her “twin” cousin, my other granddaughter Fiona, will be turning 21 this month. How did the years go by so fast?

      Enjoy your week!


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