Here we are at the end of the First Week in January, and I’m enjoying the opportunities to connect.

Yes, even family moments are opportunities.  My youngest grandson celebrated his fifteenth birthday yesterday, and we gathered around as he showed us how to blow out those candles.

And his mother (my daughter) had to enjoy a moment with him in the spotlight, since she can’t believe he is this old already!


This morning, I decided that I needed to go out…to the supermarket, for starters.  I was out of everything, it seemed, although I had picked up a few things on the way to Noah’s birthday party.

The items that needed refrigeration had to wait until today.  The supermarket may not count as a place in which to make a connection, but in the market on my corner, the checkers are friendly and love to chat, catching up on life.  When you’ve been going to a shop for more than a decade, it can feel like a place to chat with friends.

There are also my favorite neighborhood restaurants, where the servers know what I like to drink…sort of like your neighborhood Cheers  bar…  LOL

But…I also need to make more serious connections, like finding a book club.  That’s near the top of my list. 


Meanwhile, I’m home again and reading my newest book, I Am Watching You, by Teresa Driscoll.  A missing girl, a witness from the train…and a sense that someone is targeting that witness.  Secrets about the night Anna went missing could help us learn more…but nobody is talking!



What does your weekend look like?  Plans?  Reading? 



  1. Happy birthday to your grandson! And good luck with finding a book club. I’ve thought of doing that too, it sounds like a lot of fun.

    I Am Watching You sounds like a good tense thriller!

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    • Thanks, Greg, I went online to find out what book clubs are in my area…now I’ll just have to check out some of them.

      I hope to find one that meets at a restaurant, rather than at someone’s home.

      My poor grandson has to compete with Christmas for his birthday gifts…but I think we go overboard just so he won’t feel cheated. LOL


  2. Happy Birthday to your grandson! My neighborhood grocery is a place to connect for me too as we know each other by name. It helps that my son works there. I hope you find a book club, I have been trying for and just can’t seem to find a good fit. Helped my sister-in-law move from a second story apartment to the ground floor.

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    • Thanks, Nise, and it was a good birthday, although he is now at the age where video games claim most of his time and attention….LOL.

      I love my market on the corner, too; as for the condo, it is all on one level, but the tenants do not go in their front door very often, where we might see one another. The garage is in the back and has an entrance right into the kitchen. It feels secure that way, but not conducive to friendliness.

      I need to take walks around the neighborhood and see if others are out walking.


  3. All the best for finding a ‘live’ book club. I think about it, but don’t want to be hooked into reading books i don’t want! I connected at church today with a family I used to know which was rather nice. And met some of the next generation.

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