Another Thursday morning!  It’s time to grab some coffee…and chat.  Let’s link to Bookishly Boisterous to connect with others.

It is almost Turkey Day!  Next week I’ll be joining my daughter and her in-laws for the big dinner…and then on Saturday, my second son and his youngest will drive through our city and meet us local family members at Mad Duck Craft Brewing near the University.

  • I always enjoy these get-togethers, but this year’s event will be short a few family members, like my eldest son who lives in Prague; Alec, my oldest grandson, who will be back in Berkeley; Aubrey, in Prague; my second grandson and his new wife will be celebrating with in-laws; my next-to-youngest grandson lives far away, too, and hasn’t joined us for a few years.  My youngest son and DIL are way up north.  I think they would rather be anywhere but Fresno during the summer’s hot days or the foggy fall/winter ones.  Plus…they have the beach.  LOL.
  • We will have to go there to see them again…soon.
  • We will be joined by my daughter, son-in-law, my grandson Noah and granddaughter Fiona.  We will make it a party of seven.
  • Here is one of our events from years ago (2010) when all seven of my grandchildren attended.  That was an amazing time.

  • I love looking at my photos of times gone by.
  • This week has brought some amazing books to my stack:  I’ve read and reviewed two so far, one of which was a NetGalley ARC; and I’m making headway on a third ARC.  They are:  All the Best People (e-book), by Sonja Yoerg; Poison (e-book, NetGalley), by Galt Niederhoffer; and The Story of Arthur Truluv (e-book, NetGalley), by Elizabeth Berg.
  • Monday I went to lunch with my friend/former colleague of many years; afterwards we saw Murder on the Orient Express.
  • After that amazing day, I ended up staying home and indoors on Tuesday and Wednesday, catching up on DVR shows, and even watching The Talk.  Their guest today was Saoirse Ronan, starring in a new movie called Lady Bird.  I hope to see it this weekend.

  • Now there is nothing left to watch on TV…so I will return to reading.
  • I have also started binge-watching an Australian show on Netflix, Wanted.


What does your week look like so far?  Come on by…and let’s chat.



    1. I only recently discovered it. The show is set in Australia with Australian actors…so I’m assuming it is Australian. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Kate, and I have Alias Grace on my queue. I will probably watch it next.


  1. I am so not prepared for Thanksgiving, which we celebrate here as my husband is from the states. We do cola ham so it’s not too bad and have a few family over but as no one gets the time off work we have to do it late in the day.

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      1. It’s hard to get home. We used to come back to the states for thanksgiving but now my daughter is in school we can’t take her out without a fine so it’s cola ham at tea time for us 😜

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  2. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is only one week away. Where did the time go? I’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Dublin, as I have for the past few years, to be with my daughter. I bring some of her favorite treats from back home and holiday themed paper goods from Party City.

    I’m participating in the Death at the Emerald blog tour today. Stop by for my review and a giveaway.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Patty, and I’m thinking I should write a journal…with my activities of the week. But then again, maybe not.

      I like my upcoming Thanksgiving…even though I wish some of those who live too far away could be here.


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