Good morning!  Let’s grab our coffee and chat.  Join others for this Bookish/Not So Bookish event at Bookishly Boisterous.

The days are cooler, but not enough to turn on the heater.  I’m glad.  I’m also appreciating that we haven’t yet had storms, although they are predicted for the near future.

October and November are busy “birthday” months, between mine, my second son’s, my eldest son’s…and other extended family members.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, so I am looking forward to it.  I’ll be joining my daughter with her husband’s family.  Here is last year’s table all ready for the food to be presented.

  • Speaking of interesting or delicious dinners, my daughter and son-in-law drove to the southwest part of the county to dine at The Harris Ranch Restaurant.  It sounds wonderful, right?  But on the way there, you might find yourself choking and coughing from the stench of the ranches/cows/ etc.  My daughter wore this ironic protective gear.

  • Just a few miles farther west of the ranch lies the small town of Coalinga, where I (sadly) lived with my husband and three oldest children from 1971 to 1972.  Fourteen long months that felt like a prison sentence.  LOL.
  • In 1983, there was a devastating earthquake in that town, and as a social worker, I and some colleagues were brought in to help the residents as they struggled through the aftermath.
  • After the earthquake, the rebuilt town was an improved version of where I had lived.  But I will never consider living there again!  Constantly fogged in and surrounded by tumbleweeds and dust, it reminded me of that movie The Last Picture Show.

  • The Harris Ranch Restaurant was built AFTER we left that town; it might have been an incentive to remain (or not).  But before that restaurant rose like a promise on the horizon, there were only two decent places to eat in town.  And two liquor stores.  LOL.
  • Here is my “sad face” while living there:

  • But…without that particular experience, I would not have found the job I had for more than thirty years…and who knows what alternate roads I would have followed?
  • As we head toward Year’s End, I tend to think about the journeys along the way.
  • As for bookish thoughts:  I loved Seven Days of Us and enjoyed The One and Only. (Click titles for reviews).
  • I am currently just finished reading Cold As Ice, Book 6…click for my review.
  • After clearing off my review book shelves a bit, I now have increased my numbers to SEVEN NetGalley books waiting.  But…there are only two for November, and the rest fall into January, April, and May release dates.
  • I do need to cut back on requests!
  • As for purchased books, I have read 101 of those I bought between July 2016 and the present.  Sadly, I keep buying!


What lies ahead for you?  Where did this week take you?



  1. Love the throwback picture! 🙂 I wish it wasn’t too cold to have our heat on, but we’re in the 30’s already. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year, too, when I get to host it (which is every other year).

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    • Thanks for visiting, Patty, and I bought way more than the 101 (now 102) books I read! There are still many more left to read.

      The fourteen months in that sad town were probably necessary in order for me to appreciate what I had had before…and what I had afterwards.


  2. You’re awesome! You should really consider writing–have you ever tried nanowrimo? That town sounds like the perfect back drop for a story!! I will drive for a great meal too, LOL. I love old pictures! I keep cards, my kids’ drawings and awards–they still make me tear up. That setting is beautiful, and I’ve never considered place cards—but knowing my family, they’ll still sit where they want to LOL. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the upcoming holidays!!

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    • Thanks, Bleu, and, as a matter of fact, I did NaNoWriMo in 2010…I have six published novels, including Interior Designs, the novel I began writing during NaNoWriMo. (See its cover at the top of my sidebar; click to go to Amazon).

      I have used many of my experiences in my novels. Check out my website:

      I love old pictures, too, and the ones my mother collected in albums kept me busy imagining stories on rainy days.

      Enjoy your week!


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