Welcome to my Coffee Chat, in which I talk about both bookish and not so bookish things.  Check on over at Bookishly Boisterous to see other participants.

My birthday was last Wednesday, but I have been in a celebratory mood that started before my birthday and continued through today, when I had lunch with a friend and former colleague.  We’ve been friends/colleagues since 1972.  Today we had lunch at The Olive Garden, and I thoroughly enjoyed the salad, the pasta, and the pumpkin cheesecake.  Not to mention the Mango Martini.

  • My granddaughter Aubrey, who is studying in Prague for the semester, is also seeing lots of surrounding countries; she shared this photo snapped in Copenhagen…

  • How did November get here already?  I still can’t believe so many months have gone by…and I am hoping for a good holiday season, but the disasters of the past few months have left a dark aura.  I am trying to cheer myself up with some trinkets:



What is your week looking like so far?  Plans for the holidays?



  1. Happy Birthday!! Tell your friend I LOVE her lavender hair! Your granddaughter is so lucky! I hope she’s having a fantastic time. I want to read more books by Debbie Macomber, I think I’ll add Merry and Bright to my HoHoHoRAT list. Have a great weekend!

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    • Thanks, Bleu, I love her lavender hair, too.

      My granddaughter is definitely enjoying her semester in Prague. My eldest son lives there, and has been living in Europe since the mid-nineties, after he finished up his London semester. That’s how he became an “expatriate.” LOL.

      I enjoy Macomber’s books. Have a great week!


  2. How fun to celebrate your birthday with a long-time friend. I say celebrate for as long as you want. Mine is Sept. 1st and I celebrate the entire month 😀
    I’ve been reading Christmas novels for a few weeks already and I’ve enjoyed them. Earlier than ever before!

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    • The best thing about long-time friends is the shared history and agreeing on some really basic and important things. Plus, we like remembering the silly things we did when we were younger.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and I am looking forward to reading more Christmas books!

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