Come on in and follow my journey through this past week…and have some coffee.  Join the others at Bookishly Boisterous.

Just when I started to feel good about the fall weather, the horror of Northern California fires stunned me.  They seemed to come out of nowhere, since we had a nice rainy season last winter.  But, as Christine pointed out in her post, the rain stimulated more growth with an abundance of foliage to dry out in the hot summer.  Sigh.  My youngest son and DIL are north of those fires, but there seems to be no safe place these days.

  • Everywhere there is disaster…and it is challenging to try to find something good in the week…or even a day.
  • But…I read and reviewed two wonderful books so far this week:  When We Were Worthy and Cardinal Cabin.  And I’m currently reading Say You’re Sorry, Book No. 1 in the Morgan Dane series, by Melinda Leigh.
  • Every day this week has been about errands of various kinds…including a big Target run last night.  I like going there for all kinds of things, and even groceries, which are cheaper there than in my supermarket.  I was also out of all those paper products and vitamins, etc.
  • Before I went to the store, I had to treat myself to my soup and margarita combo at CPK, where I had the same one I often have, but which is a favorite:

  • Earlier in the day, I actually spent some time on this exercise bike (after moving Minnie out of the way):

  • Then when I walked all over Target, I realized that my seldom-used muscles were crying out their protest!
  • Facebook is my go-to place when I need a distraction…but for a while today, my page did not appear.  I had just the cover photo and nothing else…I came back to it later, and it was there.  Whew!  Then I found some of my granddaughter’s lovely photos from her Prague semester…I love this one!


So…I will savor the day and be grateful for all the good things I can find in it.  Enjoy yours!



  1. I know what you mean…just trying to find a place that’s safe is getting so difficult! When did everything take such a bad turn? I am exhausted today. My 30 minutes on the treadmill gets harder rather than easier. I need stamina and I can’t seem to find it!

    Stay safe and have a relaxed day.

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    • Thanks, Patty, and I can’t remember the last year when so many horrible things happened, one right after the other.

      Wildfires and earthquakes are fairly common here, but this year has been the worst…

      Let’s try to savor the good things, when we can find them.


  2. I’m so grateful that I started blogging so many years ago because of the ‘relationships’ developed among bloggers around the globe. I hope you’re out of the fires’ way and your son and family will continue to be safe as well. Love the pic of your granddaughter. What an amazing experience she’s having. Now I’m off to read your thoughts of When We Were Worthy. I finished reading it this afternoon and my review will post next week.

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    • Thanks for visiting, Mary, and when I started blogging nine years ago, I had no idea how great the journey would be. I couldn’t have predicted the wonder of connecting to people from all kinds of places…nor could I imagine how much I would come to depend on the “chats” we enjoy every day.

      My eldest son, who lives in Prague, began his European sojourn with a London semester. Aubrey seems to be on a similar path, although I suspect that she won’t become an expat like he is. LOL.

      So far, the fires are still north of here, but every day I watch to see where their path is headed. It is frightening.

      Enjoy your weekend!


    • Thanks, Kathy, so do I! Having constant news reports makes everything feel a lot worse…just like the days-on-end news after 9/11.

      Enjoy your weekend, and I downloaded one of the books you featured, Unraveling Oliver.


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