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What a week!  Horrendous events seem to be coming from all sides, and our so-called leader’s response seems muted.

  • It is long past time for peace and love to show itself.  But until that happens, I guess we have to plod along and do our best as individuals to be kind and compassionate.
  • As the events clamor for our attention, it is hard to go on with business as usual.  But we have to try, so, for me, it has been a week of running around, doing errands, getting a flu shot, and trying to shop for items on my list.
  • Today (October 5) is my second son’s birthday, so sending off his gift card earlier in the week was high on my list.
  • Last Saturday, my second oldest grandson got married…weren’t those kids just babies the other day?  Here is the wedding party:  Dominic and Julia are on the far right, in case you couldn’t guess.  LOL.

  • As for reading, this week has been a slog.  I read and reviewed only ONE book, which was a great page turner:  Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng (click title for review); the book I’m reading now, The Rules of Magic, is not holding my interest that much.  Admittedly, I have been distracted and keep setting it down to watch movies, etc.  Maybe it will pick up.
  • I’ve been recording and watching older movies, and they are definitely distracting me, which might be what I need.  Or they are an escape.  One of them was Primal Fear, with Richard Gere and Edward Norton.  I haven’t watched that movie in years!
  • Last weekend, I did enjoy the Netflix movie, Our Souls at Night.  I might have to watch it again.  I loved seeing Jane Fonda and Robert Redford together again.
  • I am in the mood to sink myself into really old shows on Netflix, like Cheers and Friends.
  • Lately, when I get up in the mornings, I seem to be going through the motions, so I try to vary the routine just a bit, to make sure that I’m really awake.  Instead of turning on the coffee first, I set up my things in my office; turn on the computer; switch on Home & Family on the TV…and then go set up my breakfast tray, with my coffee.

  • I have to think before I take each step, which guarantees that I am awake.


So…another day, another pot of coffee, and more reading, I hope.  How is your day shaping up?



  1. Happy birthday to your son and congratulations to your grandson! 🐱

    I’ve been slacking on reading. D:

    I’ve been binging on old Will & Grace! And they brought back a bunch of 90s shows which I will get around to eventually.

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    1. Thanks, Shannon, my reading has been so sluggish that I’m afraid I’ve lost my love…but I’m sure I just need the right book to get it back.

      I saw the previews for New Will & Grace…or is it just a return of the old shows? I guess I’ll have to check.

      Thanks for the tip about bingeing on Will & Grace. I never saw all the episodes in the past.

      Enjoy your week!


      1. It’s both! Two weeks before the premier of the revival NBC released all past episodes for streaming. You can either watch via NBC or Hulu! (Tonight is actually the second episode of the new season.)

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  2. Like your idea of varying the routine in the morning. Might pinch it! Yes I guess you are referring to the Vegas horror. Shocking, and everyone involved will be traumatised. I heard on our news that more people have been killed in the USA by mass shootings than in all the wars. Amazing. I need to get back and find another binge worthy something on Netflix – next week most likely.

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    1. Yes, and yet the people in charge don’t seem to think we need stricter gun control laws! It is disgusting.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and I am trying to focus on my books and Netflix so I don’t have to think about the things I can’t control.

      Enjoy your week!


  3. A week of personal good news stories and terrible national stories. Life is a strange thing. Changing up,your routine sounds like a good idea – I try and do that every now and again or life would be boring!

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  4. Patty

    I think that this is just one of those weeks…we have had so much work done in and on and around this house this week that I feel really disorganized. I think it’s good to vary your morning routine! Do you ever have toast in the morning?

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    1. Sometimes… but I do love that cereal, which has quinoa and nuts, etc.

      This afternoon I had a mani and I’m now relaxing at CPK. And having a free birthday dessert after my soup. It makes up for my frenzied week.

      Thanks for visiting, Patty.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and sharing your feelings about the week. I hate not being able to do anything…and I am frustrated that nobody in charge seems to do anything at all about all of the mass murders. Laws, etc.

      It feels too close to home, too; my LA son goes to Las Vegas a lot. He wasn’t there that weekend, but he could have been.

      I hope you have a great weekend…and that it will be a peaceful one.


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