Good morning!  It’s time to chat…and have some coffee.  Let’s link up with Christine at Bookishly Boisterous to find more chat-friends.

  • Last night I read into the early morning hours.  I had picked up one of my current reads, The Stolen Marriage, planning to read a chapter or two…and hours later, I was still engrossed.  It grabbed me and held on.  Set in Baltimore and North Carolina, the time period is WWII.
    “Steeped in history and filled with heart-wrenching twists, The Stolen Marriage is an emotionally captivating novel of secrets, betrayals, prejudice, and forgiveness. It showcases Diane Chamberlain at the top of her talent.
    One mistake, one fateful night, and Tess DeMello’s life is changed forever.

  • One thing I have known for a while:  reading and/or watching TV late at night provides fodder for some strange dreams.
  • Surprisingly, I still woke up early:  6:00 a.m., so here I am, blogging, checking e-mails, etc.  All the routines of an ordinary morning.
  • Did anyone else love the return of This Is Us?  I wish I could binge-watch the whole season!
  • Tonight...Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away with Murder!
  • Last week, my second son was in Prague, visiting my eldest son, my DIL, and getting his daughter Aubrey settled in for her semester at university there.  I love this “Prague at Night” photo.

  • This dinner at the Happy Cow restaurant looks like fun…

  • What does today hold?  Well, more reading, of course.  Plus, I’m feeling like going to Barnes & Noble for some coffee, book browsing, and more reading…


What has your week been like?  What adventures lie ahead?



    • Thanks for visiting, Mary, and I hope you love The Stolen Marriage. I always enjoy Chamberlain…but for some reason, the era and the setting really grabbed me, and the one chapter turned into several…and it was early morning!

      I never get enough of Prague photos…in-person viewing someday, hopefully.


  1. The Stolen Marriage sounds very good. I keep seeing it everywhere. I always enjoy her books.

    No matter what time I go to bed, I am always up at 6 a.m. wide awake too.

    I don’t watch This Is Us…I actually never heard of it until some ladies in my Yoga class were talking about it. I do like Monk and the detective shows on the Hallmark Channel. 🙂

    Prague looks beautiful. I hope the study time there is a wonderful experience.

    I am on my way to visit my son…I am taking the train from Pittsburgh to New York Penn Station. I always enjoy the train ride.

    Have a good rest of this week, Laurel.


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    • Thanks, Elizabeth, I am impressed that my granddaughter Aubrey will be studying in Prague for a semester. Interestingly, my eldest son began his sojourn in Europe with a London semester in the 1990s…and went from London to Ireland to Prague, with a few years in Berlin, too.

      Yes, waking early seems ingrained in me after years (30!) of working downtown and living in the foothills, requiring an early rise each day.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your visit with your son. I love train rides!


  2. Hmm looks like you are way ahead of me now on the DC book but I hope to read on with it today. I’ve been watching the little teasers on FB for Grey’s Anatomy, although it won’t show here till next year! I stepped out in spite of my little viewing habits and joined with Netflix. I am watching the British show The Crown and finding it surprisingly addictive. Learning quite a bit of history too. I thought it would be naff but its not.

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  3. I’ve had quite a few weird dreams lately. Maybe I need to stop staying up to watch Colbert! Prague looks like an interesting place to visit, but any major travel plans are on hold for a few years with our oldest just starting university.

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Carol, and yes, I do usually cry at some point during every episode of This Is Us…but I can’t stop watching. LOL.

      I enjoy the photos from Prague and other places my sons and daughter have visited.


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