Welcome to another Coffee Chat!  Let’s hop on over to Bookishly Boisterous, and link up.

  • Today (August 31), is my DIL’s birthday, exactly one week after her husband’s (my youngest son).
  • A year ago, my granddaughter and I traveled to the northernmost part of the state to visit them and celebrate on their birthdays.  (Below), see the beauty we enjoyed during that trip.

  • This week, I’ve been catching up on my reading.  I finished a print volume that was sitting on my nightstand, as it was too hefty to take with me when I went out.  (Home, by Harlan Coben – click for my review).  Two other books I finished were, of course, Kindle books:  (After She Fell and The Good Daughter).  When I think of how I resisted the Kindle!  Now I can’t imagine life without it.
  • However, occasionally I find hardcover books on the bargain table…and some books I want are not available in the e-book format.  I’m still waiting for my copy of Did You See Melody?, by Sophie Hannah.  I think it must be coming by pony express!  Oops, I just checked the tracking number, and it arrived today!  Yay!

  • Because Bloggiesta is coming (Sept. 21-24), I’ve been working on my Curl up and Read blog.  New theme, header, and background…so far.  I tend to get carried away.
  • My DVR is primed to record two favorite shows tonight:  Younger and The Sinner.  Plus, the movie Jackie.  America’s Queen, one of the books I’m reading (in print format) is about Jackie.
  • See (below), another bookshelf is filling up with recent hardcover purchases.  To the right, in the hallway, you can see my shelves of DVDs.

  • It may be time to do another purge!
  • It’s not that I’m resisting the purge, but the last time I did major culling, it was two years ago, and I literally took away hundreds of books.  I had empty bookshelves in the garage, some of which I’ve given away, too.
  • I do want to continue surrounding myself with shelves of books…so I just have to decide when I have too many.
  • I’ve never been good at deciding the difference between collecting my books…and hoarding them.  I tell myself that, as long as they look nice on the shelves, I’m okay.  LOL.


So…things to think about.  What are you reading, pondering, or enjoying this week?



  1. Patty

    I think my focus this week is not on reading but rather getting outside to walk every day. You do buy tons of books! But think how many more would be on your shelves if you didn’t have your Kindle!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and your walks sound wonderful! I need to get out and walk more, but maybe I’ll walk around a mall. It is too hot to walk outside here.

      And yes, my Kindle has saved me from being buried under my books. Although my purges two years ago reduced my physical book numbers from over 1400 to 400-500, I haven’t actually counted them lately. I probably should!


  2. Maddie!

    Two book blogs. O_O I can barely manage one. I’m in awe.

    Too many books … I know the feeling. I culled the majority of my books some years ago. It was not easy, but I have no regrets… yet I seem to be acquiring some more physical ones here and there. I’m dreading my daughter’s school’s annual Used Book Fair because … well we end up bringing home tons.
    Although, this year I told them that they would have to go through their books (to donate) first. THEN we can buy more books.
    FWIW, your shelf there looks neat and manageable. 🐱

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Shannon, and I actually have SIX blogs, but two of them are more personal. However, I somehow bring books into them all at some point or another.

      I do try to keep the shelves neat, although I should dust more! I usually only manage a good dusting when I’m moving things around.

      I’ve never gone to one of those book sales…since I donate to the library, it seems counterproductive to then go and buy more! LOL.

      Enjoy your week!


      1. SIX! O_O I am amazed! 🐱

        The used book sale for the school is more aimed at the children. It’s a good way for them to get rid of things they are no longer interested in and then they can restock their own shelves with their “grown up” interests, lol. I have already told them, they are not allowed to shop there unless they go through their own books and donate some of them. The shelves are overflowing into boxes.

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  3. I remember your trip last summer. Do you have plans to travel this fall? You live in such a beautiful area of our country. I purged a bag of books last week – dropped them at my local library for their sale. I’ll do it again in a few months. I just can’t part with all of them at one time, ha.

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    1. I hope to go up there again, probably in the fall. I might take the train this time…so I can read and sleep while I travel….LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and I do enjoy how California has such a wide variety of beautiful scenery, from beaches to mountains…and many things in between.

      I drop my books at the library when I purge, too,and I may start doing it a little at a time, as it’s exhausting when I fill up my trunk with them.


  4. Just your photo makes me want to go on a road trip! I was like you and resisted my kindle till I got given one as a gift. Saying that I don’t use it now but the app on my mini iPad which means I have everything in one place. It just makes reading when I travel so much easier. I wonder whether that will change when I stop travelling?

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Emma, and I got my first Kindle as a gift, too, but didn’t enjoy it that much until I upgraded to my Paperwhite. Even when my travels are just to a neighboring restaurant, I love that I have “Pippa” along for the ride.

      Enjoy thinking about a road trip! I know I am doing that now.

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