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  • I’m pondering a show that I love, Chesapeake Shores.  Has anyone seen it?  What I don’t love:  the youngest adult “child” in the group, Jess, reminds me of a spoiled baby; she is still holding a grudge against her mother from years ago, who left after she and their father split.  Her facial expressions remind me of a sulky teenager, but she is in her mid-twenties.  Seriously, she pouts whenever her mother comes around.  And she expects her older siblings to drop whatever they are doing to help her in some imaginary crisis or other.  That’s my venting for the day.
  • Today is my youngest son’s birthday.  Whenever one of my “kids” has another one, I am swept back to the birth of each of them, and their babyhood.  I love this photo of my toddler son with his curls.  He and I have both grown up a lot since this moment in time.  The photo is from the early 1970s, so it lacks the clarity and color of today’s photos.

  • Below, he is living his life on the beach…he and his wife have been in the Northern part of the state for three years.

  • Last August, his daughter Fiona and I drove up there to visit for a few days.  This summer, Fiona is working in Yosemite.   In her leisure time, she hangs out with some special friends, see below.

  • My reading this week has been all over the place.  Check out my Hump Day Reading post to find out more.
  • I haven’t spent much time on my patio this summer…by the time I get out there in the mornings, it is too hot!

  • In the Southern part of the state, my other granddaughter, Aubrey, is enjoying the “lazy, hazy days of summer” on a hammock with a friend:


I think I’ve run out of things to say for now…enjoy your day, and come on by and let’s chat.



    1. Oops, actually TODAY, the 24th is his birthday…I was writing the post last night but thinking about it in terms of today’s date.

      Close enough, though; I have two children who were born in August. My daughter’s birthday is on the 13th, and their father’s is the 9th.

      Thanks for visiting, Krystyn.


    1. Thanks, Nise, I didn’t get to spend time with my son in person, but we texted and I sent his gift. Last year, it was so great celebrating with them both up north. He and his wife have birthdays one week apart, so we had a big celebration, and Fiona, his daughter, came with me for the mini-vacation.

      As for that character in the show, I am especially frustrated with pouty so-called adults, so I had to remark on it. LOL

      I hope to spend more time on the patio as the days cool off. Thanks for visiting.


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