Good morning!  It’s time to grab some coffee…and chat about Bookish/Not So Bookish things.  Link up at Bookishly Boisterous.

  • My “Reading” Coffee Mug is joining us.
  • Take note of the diminishing stack of print books on my coffee table.  Of course I have a couple of hardcover books on my nightstand…and ELEVEN older books in my office.  But it’s getting better…right?
  • Lately I’ve noticed that some of these books, which also have 400+ pages, have TINY print…which makes it hard for these seasoned eyes to read.  So I only read them in bits and pieces.  The biographies especially are “guilty” of these qualities.
  • I’m spoiled by reading on Pippa, my Kindle, where I can change the font.
  • Currently I’m reading and LOVING The Identicals, by Elin Hilderbrand.  Twin “girls,” approaching forty, living on adjacent islands:  Nantucket for one, and Martha’s Vineyard for the other.  They were separated as teens: one went with the father, the other with their mother, after a divorce.  Then something happened to further estrange them.
  • I finished reading and reviewing The Secrets She Keeps, by Michael Robotham; a five star read for me that kept me glued to the pages.  Click for my review.
  • I have been out and about a few times this week, probably because the temperatures have “dropped” to the 90s.  But what a difference a few degrees can make!
  • On Sunday, a group of us joined to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.  Bottomless mimosas and really delicious food, which surprised me, as buffets don’t always deliver.  My daughter is on the left side, five from the front, with the “tatts” and curly hair.  I’m four down on the right.
  • On Saturday, I had lunch with an old friend, a former colleague, who lives in Northern California and had come down to visit friends (including moi, of course).  After I had retired from my career position for the county, I went to work at a private foster family agency, and met a great group of social workers.
  • Having that lunch reminded me of how the group of us that worked together from 2002-2005 was close, like hostage victims, as our CEO was a real tyrant given to temper tantrums and narcissistic ravings.  Sound familiar, anyone?
  • After the lunch, I went to see The Glass Castle, which was an awesome movie with a great cast;  the author of the book was involved with the production, and there were scenes at the end showing her and some family members.
  • My Netflix viewing this week:  I finished the available episodes of The Ranch, which ended on a cliffhanger…more episodes, please!  I started watching Friends from College, which I’m enjoying so far.
  • So…today?  I was thinking of another manicure, but after checking my nails, I think they can wait a week.  I’m feeling too lazy to go out.  Do you ever just want to hole up in your house and read, or watch the shows on the DVR?  I went to sleep before watching Younger and The Sinners.


So…that’s it for today…what are you chatting about?  Come on by….



  1. I think you need some time at home! You have been out and about a lot lately! But it’s so much fun to go out…because then you can really enjoy your time st home. We are addicted to Ozark…it just gets better and better…we have 3 more to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Patty, I have decided to stay in. There is nothing better than a cozy day with books and TV. Yes, I have been out and about a lot lately, so it’s time to be a recluse again. LOL.

      Isn’t Ozark great? I can’t wait until the next season. There had better be another season!


    • Oh, yes, I completely agree, Kathryn, and to think I resisted the Kindle for so long! Thankfully, my daughter gave me my first one on Christmas 2010. I’ve never enjoyed anything more. Thanks for stopping by.


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