Good morning!  It’s time to grab a cup of coffee and chat about Bookish/Not So Bookish Things.  Head on over to Bookishly Boisterous to link up.

  • Last week I had my mani-pedi, and I changed up my trademark “purple” color….to this wicked red…LOL

  • Today I had coffee with a friend at Barnes & Noble…

  • Dinner with a book at The Elephant Bar…

  • Tomorrow I’m finally going to the salon to try to have my hair dyed (with an organic product) without an allergic reaction.
  • This week, I’ve enjoyed reading and reviewing three books already; click titles/covers for my reviews:

My Life to Live, by Agnes Nixon; The Marriage Pact, by Michelle Richmond;

and The Best of Us, by Joyce Maynard.

Currently I’m reading Every Wild Heart and Mean Streak.

  • I’ve been enjoying Shetland on Netflix…and saw the movie Lion there.  I loved it!  Tonight is Broadchurch again, on BBC.
  • It seems that I’ve had to leave the house every day this week for one or more errands, so I’m surprised that I’ve actually finished three of my books.
  • After tomorrow, I’m hoping to stay close to home for Friday and the weekend, as the heat is not going away.


That’s what my life has been like since last week.  Come on by and let’s chat.


8 thoughts on “CHATTING WITH COFFEE….

  1. Love the mani pedi polish. It is something I just hardly ever do, I knock my nails around a fair bit I’m afraid. I like the idea of it though, just never get to do it. Broadchurch was very popular here although I didn’t watch it because I am a sook about shows like that!

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and I’m hard on my hands, too….but once I’d tried the gel and saw how even I couldn’t mess them up (unless I went crazy opening things and using them as can openers!), they seem to last. Now watch…I’ll do something drastic and they’ll be ruined! LOL.

      I first watched Broadchurch on Netflix, and then I heard that the newest season was coming on BBC, so I set the DVR. But that means having to wait a week for the next episode. I am definitely an addict.

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    1. Thanks, Patty, I love Broadchurch, too. I was happy to discover the newest season.

      As for my hair…I am nervous. I think my daughter is, too, not wanting to set off another reaction, but probably worrying that the organic stuff won’t work the way her usual products do.


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