Good morning!  Grab a cup of coffee and join us over at Bookishly Boisterous for Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts.  It will be in the triple digits again today…sigh.  I’m used to it, of course, having lived in Central California for…ready for it?  Almost 46 years!  We moved here when my youngest son was an infant, which is how I remember the number of years…LOL.  As long as I can recall the ages of my children, I’m good at retrieving those memories.  (Below) Back in the 70s with my three sons, including the infant after whose birth we came to these parts (for his daddy’s job).

  • The kids laugh at these photos…the bell bottoms and the bowl haircuts.
  • We had a lot of orange in our lives, too, from the orange infant seat to an orange back pack for hauling around the kid…and, of course, I can’t find that photo!
  • While I work on this blog post, I have the TV on in the background, and Colombo was playing when I turned it on…I used to watch that show endlessly back in the day!


  • Moving on…trying to stay cool, which works as long as I only leave the house for errands in the mornings…
  • And…as long as the AC keeps working, we’re good.
  • Meanwhile, doing some reading and Netflix watching.  Finished the newest season of Orange Is the New Black...and yay!  Wentworth (an Australian prison show) brought out a fifth season, which I started last night.
  • Currently reading Good Me, Bad Me...and The Sunshine Sisters.



  • Last week was a Mini-Bloggiesta (Finish Line Post), and I had fun changing up my blogs on the surface (headers, themes, etc.), and even did a little bit of behind the scenes work to correct broken links in old posts…I got tired after a while, and told myself that “nobody reads those old posts anyway!”
  • The honeymooners are home, exhausted, just in time for the first triple digit weekend.  They headed for the pool.
  • As usual, I had a lunch out at California Pizza Kitchen…I think it must be a habit now, as my server said “see you next weekend” when I left.  Yeah, predictable.  I had a different soup this time…Chicken Tortilla soup…and, of course, the strawberry margarita.  If I can’t vacation in Europe like the kids, I can enjoy my lunches…so there!  LOL



  • I dreamed last night that I was 105!  Not just a reflection of the temperature, apparently, but a sense of getting older?  I woke up feeling especially tired.
  • Today I need to hightail it to the manicurist…I broke a nail!  Seriously…with these Gel nails, I  don’t usually have any problems, but last night, I reached in the fridge for something and slammed my hand on the edge…it’s that dang refrigerator light that’s out!  Must call maintenance, as when I try to replace the lights, it doesn’t work.  There’s something wrong with the outlet itself, I guess.
  • Yikes!  Making a list.


Guess I’d better get busy on my day.  I must call the nail salon…and then I want to head to the bank while it’s cool….and then pick up the mail, etc. 

Enjoy your week!



  1. What a wonderful post, Laurel.

    I feel 105 today…my body is hurting for no apparent reason that I know of. Send some of that heat our way. It is summer but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

    I love Colombo too.

    I use my son’s age to track things too. LOL!!

    How are you liking THE SUNSHINE SISTERS?

    Have a wonderful day, and stay cool. I have a light sweater on….it is to be summer. I hope it gets here soon.


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    • Thanks, Elizabeth, I always have fun writing these posts about random things….and posting pictures, too.

      I have a hard time sleeping when it’s hot, which probably explains how old I feel…LOL.

      I just started The Sunshine Sisters at dinner (at Marie Callender’s!), and then the server, who has become like a friend, since she always waits on me, came over to tell me about her new job…at the County DSS where I worked for almost 30 years, so I got sidetracked from reading, and enjoyed sharing stories.

      But I’m loving it so far! I always enjoy Jane Green’s books.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. I use my kids ages to track events from long ago too 😀 Love that tortilla soup at CPK! I also like the barbecue chicken pizza. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had it. Maybe I’ll talk someone into lunch there soon! Have a great day and stay cool. We’re flirting with 90 today along Lake Michigan! Thankfully the AC is running nicely.

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    • Ooh, 90 along Lake Michigan actually sounds lovely!

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and I love my event-tracker kids. LOL. It’s amazing how many years I’ve been here, since when we moved to Central California, we were going to stay “for just a year,” and you know how life happens when you’re making other plans. And before you know it, first another year, and then five go by….and here I still am!

      My daughter is the only one of my kids who still lives here…and if she ever leaves, maybe I will finally escape. But I hate moving…sigh.

      Where would I go? Northern California, Oregon, or Washington….or Canada. LOL.


    • Thanks, Nise, and going to lunch at least once in the weekend is an opportunity to cool off, without having to cook for myself. LOL.

      Yes, those plastic infant seats were the thing back then….now the carriers look so much more comfortable.

      Enjoy your week.



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