Good morning!  I’m grabbing a cup of coffee, and getting ready to hunker down to write this post, linked over at Bookishly Boisterous. I got up very early (4:30 a.m.), since I’m not sleeping well…explanation is Item No. 2.

  • I am loving the newest version of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.  I watched Episode 7 last night, and while I’m enjoying seeing more of the life they once had, it is even more depressing when I think of what has happened to the women in the tyrannical state in which they now live.
  • All week long, I have been fighting an allergic skin reaction to hair dye.  It took me to Urgent Care on Sunday, where I was prescribed steroid pills for 5 days.  Today is the last dose, and while the skin is mostly clearing up, I still get bouts of itching, usually when I’m trying to sleep!  Some days are better than others.  I felt so good on Tuesday that I actually left the house to check the mail, buy groceries, and head off to buy a new little flat screen TV for my office.  It will be delivered (and installed) on Saturday.  The current TV is a ten-year-old boxy one that often loses the signal, since the equipment doesn’t really work that well on it.


  • Books read and reviewed this week so far have been quite different from one another, and I realize that I like that kind of selection.  First there was Nancy Thayer’s Secrets in Summer, set on Nantucket.   Then came Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins, which I mostly enjoyed, but there were multiple narrators that came at the reader so fast in the beginning that it was hard to keep track of them.  Finally, they were fleshed out more in the rest of the book.  Yesterday I read #GIRLBOSS, a book that led to the Netflix show…which I had watched before reading the book…and loved.  (Click titles for my reviews).
  • On June 8, my daughter and son-in-law are flying off to Prague, Amsterdam, etc., for a 10-day honeymoon.  They, of course, will also visit with my eldest son who lives in Prague.  I’m very envious!



  • Today will be an at-home curl up and read day; I’m enjoying The Wildling Sisters, by Eve Chase.  The book has a dual time-line:  one from 1959, and the other is fifty years later.  Something mysterious happened on an old English Country estate.


  • Here is another view of my up-next print books, a backdrop to the large glass of iced tea I enjoyed the other day, while contemplating the stack.



That’s my week so far…what did yours look like?


16 thoughts on “THOUGHTS ON A THURSDAY….

    • Thanks, Pat, I was feeling so much better, and then the itching was driving me crazy last night when I tried to sleep. Perhaps lying down brings it back?

      I loved the book, enjoyed the 1990s movie, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the new Hulu production.


  1. Good luck with the itching. You might be right that lying down exacerbates it. Maybe try sleeping propped up? Such a tiresome thing to have ‘reactions’ to stuff. Glad that you’re still able to read and hope you enjoy the new TV.

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    • Thanks, Kay, and I’m beginning to think that I should just leave off the hair dyes completely! Although my daughter is searching for something organic/hypoallergenic.

      Propping up to sleep will be my solution for now…just had a nap on the couch that way.

      Looking forward to the new TV, as I have been wanting to watch in my office occasionally, and the old clunky TV was no fun! LOL. Strange, as I got that little TV for my guest house, ten years ago, just before I moved here…and it seemed fine. Flatscreen TVs weren’t yet all the rage, I guess.


  2. That allergy sounds really nasty – I hope the steroids are working and that you feel better soon. The Handmaid’s Tale will finally air here in the UK on Sunday so I’m eagerly anticipating that. I loved the book so am hoping it will live up to it. Hope you have a relaxing couple of days ahead so you can recover.

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    • Thanks, Hayley, here’s hoping about the meds!

      I’m loving the Hulu production. I’ve read the book twice, seen the 1990s movie, and now the Hulu production, which may turn out to be my favorite. Hope you enjoy it.


    • I am happy they will spend time together, too.

      I planned to stay home all day, but suddenly got the urge to go out, for Happy Hour with a book, and now for a movie. I have to take advantage of the good days.

      Thanks for visiting, Mary.


  3. You always post such enticing pics of food and drink!

    The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t available in Australia (we don’t have Hulu) although I’ve just discovered that one of our free channels has bought it and will air it in July. I’m counting down!

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    • Yes, she did, and I passed along her advice to my daughter, about organic/hypoallergenic dyes…although at this point, I’m almost tempted to throw out the dye and see what’s hiding beneath…LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, Kathy.


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