What a beautiful spring morning we are having here!  I’m not going out to the patio with my laptop yet, since the “fresh” air brings out the itching, sneezing, etc., no matter what pills I take.

So it’s Coffee Morning inside, next to my books and Disney characters, and with my laptop.  Check in with Christine’s Bookishly Boisterous Post, and Saturday Snapshots this weekend.



My collection of photos of grandchildren has been growing, along with some of grand-nieces and nephews.  Today I’m sharing a few of the “girls.”  Below, Aubrey, one of my granddaughters, hanging out with three of her friends.  She is a sophomore at San Diego State University, and is second from the left.  She is into sports, both watching and participating.




On the other end of the age spectrum, little Miss Margaret, my grand-niece, is taking care of her dolls.  Her mother is my niece Emily.



Now she is testing out the kitchen…



Satisfied by her investigation, she sits back to bask in her discoveries…



Now…moving on to another part of the state and another family of “nieces,” check out Amy (my niece)  and her daughter America enjoying a “girl day.”



America’s “pedi”….she looks like she is totally relaxed.



Finished results:



I love a good mani-pedi, and had my own recently:



My reading week is featured today over at my Hump Day Reading.


I Found You, by Lisa Jewell, a book I’ve had on my stacks since last summer.



Wait for the Rain (e-book), by Maria Murnane, a book from the author.



Where has your journey taken you this week?


17 thoughts on “LET’S SHARE SOME COFFEE & PHOTOS….

    1. Thanks, Laura, and you are right about how fast they grow! Now we’re into the “great” generation, with the great nieces….

      I loved I Found You, and bought it in August 2016…but apparently not from Amazon, since it only recently went live there. So it’s a mystery to me!

      Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your day.



    1. Thanks, Sandy, and I love how we’re moving toward the “great-grand” generation…my, time flies! I don’t have any great-grandchildren, yet—except the step-great-grands—but I enjoy this new generation in whatever form it takes.

      The first pedi of the season is always special, isn’t it? Thanks for visiting.


    1. Thanks, Ginny…I love her, too. Little girls are the best, and here is one of life’s ironies: I only have one daughter (and three sons), and only two granddaughters (and five grandsons).

      But my sister has four daughters and one granddaughter…a plethora of little girls in her household.


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