Good morning!  Come on by with your coffee, and let’s chat about our Bookish/Non-Bookish Thoughts.  Check in with Christine, at Bookishly Boisterous, to link up.

  • This week, I’ve finished reading and reviewing two books (Click titles for my reviews):  The Widow’s House and The Secrets You Keep.  I’m currently reading two additional books, one an Amazon Vine review, and the other is an e-book I recently downloaded:  Woman No. 17 and The Arrangement.
  • The sun has been shining down regularly, and I’m glad that we’re having a bit of spring.  Often our spring is short-lived, followed by long, very hot summers.
  • Tomorrow I’m having a mani-pedi…it’s time, since the spring sandals are out of the closet and ready to use.
  • I had a gel manicure three weeks ago, and love how great they stood up to the hard use I give my hands and nails.  I find myself picking at bottle tops and opening things with my hands, often demolishing my nails.  But…these have been sturdy, still looking pretty much like they were in this photo!



  • On Easter, my granddaughter and her boyfriend came by for a while.  She brought a large chocolate egg for me.  I could only manage a few bites at a time.  She also wanted to show off some of her piercings.  Yikes!


  • On Netflix, I’ve been watching 13 Reasons Why...I can only manage one episode at a time; it is pretty depressing.
  • Last night I watched Bridget Jones’s Baby on Amazon Prime.  Fun!
  • Today I got another NetGalley review book that I had requested:  He Said/She Said, by Erin Kelly (June 6, 2017)



That’s it for my week so far.  What was yours like?


6 thoughts on “COFFEE & THOUGHTS….

  1. I had a mani today – it was needed but also because I’m heading to the shore for a week and just wanted to have them look nice. Piercings on anyone make me kind of cringe. I’m such a wimp!

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    • Yes, I love having them look nice when I go somewhere…but after having them done before the wedding, I like the idea of keeping them done. I wonder how long that will last!

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and I really hate the idea of piercings, too. I worry about infections, etc.


    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and I love the gel manicures! I don’t know why I hesitated for so long, but I was thinking of those old acrylic manicures that ruined my nails. I’m glad I took the leap.

      Yesterday was a day of pampering…I’m really enjoying it!

      Hope your weather does settle down! Enjoy your weekend.


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