Good morning!  Grab some coffee, and let’s talk about books…again.

While visiting blogs, I see others talking about their TBR…and their physical bookshelves.  So while I mostly read e-books, stashed away out of sight on Pippa, I do have some physical books in stacks.

Some are in my office, like these.  One is a review book, but the others are ones I have purchased:



In the living room, I have a stack of purchased and review books:



Once they are read, they go on one of these shelves:








There is also space on my office bookshelf, at the top of this post. 

I used to have a lot more shelves…thankfully, the great purges of 2015 and 2016 left them more manageable.

It would be lovely if they were all in one vast library, though, don’t you think?

What do your shelves look like?  How do you keep the unread books separate?



    • When I did my big purges, I probably got rid of (library donations) books I might want to read again. I tried to hold onto favorites…sigh. When I’m doing a clearing out, I tend to be ruthless and obsessive.

      I tell myself that I can read the books again, from the library! Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and I love large bookshelves. My youngest son built the white one, three down; it goes from floor to ceiling.

      I hope you get that shelf you want!


  1. I am always awed at your lovely tidy spaces:)). My place is untidy and chaotic as while Himself is a gem beyond price in all sorts of ways – he is a chaos demon who cannot seem to abide order. So while I keep all the books on my Kindle very organised, our physical shelves we share (most of them) are in a major muddle with faaar too many books and those read and unread all mixed up together and don’t get me started on the loft where most of our books are stored! Oh well. I’ll take that as he has a heart the size of the planet and my white knight as he found me in a very dark place and waited for my demons to abate to be able to love him back as he deserved… That’s worth a bit of disorder, I reckon!

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    • Yes, it sounds like you made a good trade there….who needs order when the white knight offers so much more?

      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah, and I live alone now…so it is not as difficult to maintain order. I’ve lived with husbands…one messy, another orderly, so I definitely have an easier task these days.

      Enjoy your week!

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