Good morning, and welcome to another chapter in my Interior Journey.  Reading the books I buy has become an ongoing dance, with “books in, books out” a constant in my life.

Mostly I buy e-books, but the print books, like the stacks above, are also part of that dance.  On my trunk/coffee table, there are eleven unread print books, and in the background, top shelf, seven more. (Eighteen!).

The bottom shelf in the background contains rereads…so we won’t worry about them now.


The eighteen unread print books are part of that ongoing dance, as I read six print books in the last three months, but added five more.

Am I losing the ongoing battle?  Well, no, because I read more than I bought.  LOL.  Just barely.


Let’s look at the dance of the e-books:

2016:  Unread Purchased e-books:  46

2016:  Read Purchased e-books:  71


A total of Purchased Books (print and e-book) Read Between June 2015 – December 2016 (so far):



I still have unread books (print and e-books) from 2014 and 2015:



Here are some of my remaining bookshelves, with books I have read.  Books that survived the Purges of 2015:







And now for the two remaining bookshelves in my bedroom.  Once there were five! (I apologize for the darkness of the photos – I should have adjusted the lighting!).






I have three country cupboards in my dining room with a few of my favorite reads…and then this bottom shelf of my sofa table:




Books everywhere!  But there were once many more, with the FIVE shelves in the bedroom, TWO in the hallway, SOME in the bathroom and SOME in the pantry…and the living room shelves were full of books, and now you can see that there are little trinkets here and there, filling in the spaces.

Oh, and yes, there is ONE shelf in my office, where once there were THREE.




The numbers (and even the images) are confusing, aren’t they?  But I keep telling myself that my lists (pages on my Curl up and Read blog) will keep things manageable.  Hmm.

What do you think?  Do you do a book dance, or do you simply enjoy the book bounty?


9 thoughts on “MY BOOK JOURNEY: A DANCE!

    • Thanks for visiting, Nise, and I first started separating mine when I moved here…I had them in their own boxes clearly marked. And then they had their own bookshelves…and still do. I have to be in control! LOL. I think I would come unglued if I couldn’t tell the difference.



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