All month, I have been celebrating October.  It is my favorite month for a number of reasons, the first of which is Fall!  A season that brings back scents and sights that have raised my spirits every year at this time.

Plus…it comes after a long hot summer.

Also…not a minor point, of course; it is my son Brett’s birthday month…and mine.

Today I’m sharing a visual homage to the month, starting with my granddaughter Aubrey and a friend, enjoying stalks of corn…almost as if they are in a horror movie.  Or just a movie about fall, from the Hallmark Channel.





Then we see my other granddaughter, Fiona, with a friend…both have shaved their heads…and are enjoying the pumpkins.




Fall comes to my interiors, starting with this tablescape of pumpkins…




A witch is stirring up a cauldron of spookiness on my little side table:




October is a great month to enjoy a loaded potato, a martini, and a good book:




North of here, my grand-niece Margaret is enjoying her first day of daycare when Mommy returns to work.  She looks happy, right?



Right after October comes November…and another family gathering.  This one is from last year.  A lot has changed since then.  Fiona and Dominic both have new partners…And Fiona now has less hair.




So…what are you showcasing today?  I’m connecting this one to West Metro Mommy Reads, on Saturday.



  1. We had similar ideas with our posts! Showcase fall on the heels of a long summer. 🙂

    My husband and I are a little behind you with the October celebrations. We just start looking for scary movies.

    Gee, November is just around the corner isn’t it? My fall’s been such an upheaval, I’m hoping for November to bring some routine to it.

    Enjoy the season!

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