Welcome to my ever-changing Interior World.  I am always scrutinizing my spaces, imagining them in another grouping…or pondering how I could improve them.  So…

I noticed that there was a “blank” spot in the setting above, which I had purposely created to enable the free movement of the chairs around the table….but the empty place started to bother me…

So naturally I looked around and noted something on the other side of the room, below, in the far right.  See the decorative stacking boxes?  Not really adding anything to the “vignette.”  Maybe….




So that’s what I did.  I brought the boxes over to the “blank” spot (below), and they fill in nicely, IMO, without actually preventing any chair movement.   There they are, on the left, and I’m happy.  lol.




For those who might think I haven’t really managed the “clutter” that well, I must respond that I used to have these stacked boxes everywhere…all through the house.

Now they are only occasional layers in my overall look.


I have featured many shots of my office nook, but here’s one not previously seen.  An “interior” shot of the nook.  See the laptop, and to the left, a cartoon drawing of three of my grandchildren that an artist created in a Lego Shop in LA.  A treasure!





Here is a slightly older “real life” version of those kids that I found in one of my folders.  Those kids are now all “legal adults,” ranging in age from 18-21.  How did that happen?





Thanks for meandering through my interiors….and check out West Metro Mommy Reads, to see what others have captured this week.



    • Thanks, Patty, sometimes I am oblivious to my surroundings, but most of the time, I’m always checking to see if something needs to be moved or changed. I read Nate Berkus’s book of design, “The Things That Matter,” and it resonated with me so much…because he does the same thing in his homes.


    • Thanks, Sandy, I love changing things up…and I thought maybe it was kind of weird to do so, until I read Nate Berkus’s book “The Things That Matter.” He writes that when he sits down in the evening, he is always looking around, analyzing his space and his things, planning changes. LOL

      Not that I’m talented, like he is, but it resonated with me. Thanks for stopping by to visit.


  1. I’ll say it again– I love your mad decorating skills! It’s the type of home I would like 🙂 I always admire your Coca Cola furniture and that red hutch is a really nice piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing, and I realize you enjoy rearranging everything; I do that too, especially now in a smaller home than before!

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    • Thanks, Rita, I have fun with it. In this downsized space, I can primarily move only the accessories and smaller furniture, but last fall, I did rearrange the table and cupboards in the dining space. The red hutch is one I bought while still living in the foothills. I found it in a place called Crafters’ Palace, which no longer exists. Sigh.

      A few years before, I somehow moved some of the bigger furniture (couch and loveseat, a switcheroo), and paid for it afterwards with back pain.

      Nate Berkus’s book “The Things That Matter” inspired me to move things around, and constantly recreate my spaces.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Our house tends to get resigned for two reasons. The one time is when we go on vacation. We inevitably return with souvenirs that need their own place in our home. The other time is each time I dust an area. I never seem to remember where I had originally positioned everything and so some items find a new location. Thanks for sharing photos of your redecorating endeavors!

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    • Thanks, Allison, and I must admit that I get bored, or when I’m sitting down and look around the space, I see possibilities I hadn’t considered. A bit obsessive, perhaps. lol.

      Thanks for stopping by! I find that when I move things around, more dusting gets done.



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