My recent posts here have focused on the world outside my “interiors”:  vacations, family things, etc.

Lately, my book buying has increased, and not only have I acquired a stupendous number of e-books, but my print stack is growing.  The stack (above) includes some recent print book purchases.

Check out my Purchased Bookshelves for 2016:

Most of these are e-books, but some of the books you see above are also included.  I’ve bought the following number of books so far this year, and listed in italics are the numbers I’ve read and reviewed:

January – 7 (Read 5 so far)

February – 6 (Read 5)

March – 12 (Read 8)

April – 12 (Read 6)

May – 15 (Read 5)

June – 12 (Read 4)

July – 10 (Read 4)

August – 15 (Read 1)


The Read the Books You Buy Challenge is helping me clear some books off my shelves, but I’m obviously buying more books than I read each month. (53 read so far, which includes books purchased from June 2015 on).

Of course there are review books, which are reflected on another page.  I’ve been keeping abreast of those.


I haven’t done any purging lately, but I have been rearranging some things on my bedroom shelves.  See below, with the Changing of the Guard (Dolls).  I switched the dolls between the two shelves below, for my quirky reasons:









The hippie dolls in the top photo were two of my earliest doll purchases.  The collection grew from there, but now my interiors showcase only some of my dolls.  The rest are residing in bins in the garage.  The Doll Graveyard, if you will.



garage organization 3


What are your bookshelves like these days?  Do your interiors reflect your passion for books?



  1. You doll graveyard looks nice and neat. I used to have a teddy bear graveyard, but about 7-8 years ago decided I had to do something about it. I went through every stinkin’ one (over 500), chose those I absolutely loved and sold the rest. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but glad when it was accomplished because shortly after that the collectible market crashed. Now if I could only do that with books! LOL. Every month I gain more than I read.

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    • Thanks! I obviously waited too long to sell ahead of the crash…so I might just wait and see if things pick up again. Optimism, right?

      Thanks for stopping by, Nise, and we all seem to have the same book-buying/reading issue.


  2. Ah your post has set me off.My interior does not reflect my passion for books. I have a dream of getting a bookcase/TV space on one wall of my living room, but I know it may be too small a room for what I envision. I’d love to bring all my books out of the wardrobes and onto the shelves!

    Yes it is so hard to resist new books, but then they are one of our small pleasures and why not!

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, and I agree that books, being one of our small pleasures, should be irresistible.

      I did purge my shelves….a lot. That was a while ago, and I may have cut too deep, but then again, I still have a lot of books, and I still get the feeling of being surrounded by them.

      I would love to have one room dedicated to shelving all the books…sigh. But…having that bookish feeling in all my rooms is good, too.

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