Mexican flag

The flag flying against the blue of the sky was a beacon for those on the cruise last week.

My daughter’s birthday was Saturday, the thirteenth, and two days before, she and a group of friends headed to Ensenada on a cruise ship.

Today I’m sharing some of the photos.  Below, my daughter Heather and her friend Jessica are heading down to Long Beach to catch the boat.  These two have been friends since they were teenagers, and I enjoyed watching them both grow through those challenging years.



Heather & Jessica - Cruise, Day 1


The group of them in a formal shot, before all the heavy partying starts….


A Friends Photo


Catching some rays….


Cruise - Sunbathing


Hi, Kitty Kat!


Heather  Tiger



I think the party has started….



Heather & friends - cruise




On dry land for a bit….



Mexican beer




A formal shot of the engaged couple, Heather and David….



A birthdayengagement portrait



An interesting view….


Another view




And here’s another….



Cruise - Water View



This post is linked to West Metro Mommy Reads, for Saturday Snapshots.



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