Bookish World & Coffee - 516

Good morning!  It’s Monday, so let’s grab some coffee and chat about the weekend, our plans for the upcoming week…etc.  I’m not mimicking Sheila’s Coffee with Bloggers, as I’m just doing my own thing here, reflecting, sipping, and planning.

I watched the complete Season II of Bloodline this weekend (there were only 10 episodes, but still…).  Wow, that ending!  Okay, no spoilers here, but I didn’t see that coming.  But then again, those Rayburns are unpredictable.





First of all, let me just say that I was feeling the darkness that hovered over them all, as they tried so hard to bury their secrets, but things kept popping up.  Unexpected things.

I realized, too, that I don’t like any of the Rayburn offspring any more.  Not a one of them, and I didn’t feel that way in Season I, or they have deteriorated.  Secret-keeping can do that, of course.

But I will definitely be back for Season III.  There has to be a third season, of course.


Have you seen the show?  What are your thoughts?


Meanwhile, I finished reading The Girls in the Garden (click for my review), by Lisa Jewell.  Loved it!    Picture an idyllic setting, with a communal garden, and then imagine creepy characters and weird teenagers.

Imagine my weekend, moving back and forth between my book and Netflix.





Today I’m reading Ink and Bone, by Lisa Unger (all those Lisas!), and I know that I will be immersed in it before the morning is over.






Eerie setting (The Hollows), filled with interesting characters and lots of psychic events.

So…my morning will be full, and by afternoon, I plan to take my book “off site,” perhaps to the bookstore…or back to one of my favorite restaurants, like where I had this soup and margarita on Saturday (California Pizza Kitchen).



soup, bread, margarita


What are your plans?  Have you had your coffee?  Planned your day?



  1. Just relaxing today but you have me interested in Bloodlines…checking it out right now! Have a great day! I thought that you were showing us a bowl of your own homemade soup!

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    • Sorry, I haven’t even tried my slow cooker yet….sigh. All the recipes look far too tedious…I’d rather go to a restaurant. I know, I’m lazy…at least when it comes to cooking.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and enjoy your day.


  2. We’re fans of CPK – great salads and pizza. I thought of you as I finished reading my recent book Forever Beach by Shelley Noble. Did you get a copy? If not, look it up and let me know if you’d like my ARC. I’ll send it to you!

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