When I sorted through some photo folders this morning, I found this one, (above), taken a while ago, as I read that book in 2010!  How is it possible for so much time to fly by, and the memories can only be affixed to a specific book read at that time? (I checked on Goodreads!  LOL).

The patio also looks very clean there, compared to how it looks today.  I don’t think I dare show you what it looks like today…it’s been windy, then rainy, and…well, here it is: 


messy patio in april 2016


I have avoided going out there, primarily (I tell myself) because it has been raining so much, on and off, so it is futile.  And also…I am highly allergic to the outdoors.  LOL.

I started taking a new allergy medication that may work better…just like my new doctor is going to be better for me, too.  Some of you may recall my struggle over the meds. the previous doctor insisted on…well, another story, right? (My Day in the Life post).

Now for some more hidden treasures from my photo folder.  Here’s my oldest, Craig, with Heather, in 2001, just before he returned to Prague after a visit.   Heather and I spent a few days with him in Sacramento, where he’d been staying; this one was snapped in Old Town:


craig and heather 2001-resized


And a few years later, here in Fresno:  Brett, my second oldest, with Heather, just before one of our reunion lunches.  (2009?).  I could tell when this was captured by the glimpse of Fiona at the end of the table…she was 12 there.  LOL.  The adults don’t change much.


Brett & Heather - a few years ago


More photo memories.  Here is one of Noah, at around one (late 2003), with Heather and his great-grandmother, Mary:


3 generations again - Noah, Heather, Mary - 2003


Wow, that tour of my life a while ago has been a whirlwind of memories.   Movies do that for me, too, especially the one I watched last night, full of music that takes me back.  It was Ricki and the Flash, with Meryl Streep, Rick Springfield, Kevin Kline…and Meryl’s daughter Mamie Gummer.





That’s it for my walk down memory lane today…I’m reading A Fatal Grace, Book 2, by Louise Penny, but so far it hasn’t really grabbed me.





What has your week brought you so far?  Memories, books, movies, thoughts?  I am sharing this at West Metro Mommy Reads, for Saturday Snapshots.



    1. I like those do nothing days! I thought I might go out today and run errands, and maybe even treat myself at one of the restaurants around here, but the longer I stay home, the less I want to leave! Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


    1. Thanks, Heather…I usually give a book 50-100 pages, depending on which way the story is leaning at that point.

      No worries, though; I’m only at page 37 on this one, so I’m sure I’ll keep going. I set it aside to pick up another book…and sometimes that does the trick.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Looking back at old photos sure brings make memories. Ah, new Dr and it sounds like things are improving meds wise which is great. Oh dear, well not every book grabs us and that’s just the way it is!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and I am still not giving up on the book…I just switched to another book for a while. Sometimes that works!

      And I had my first appointment with the new Dr….and I’m very pleased so far. She listens to me, which is rare in some of these “godlike” doctors (the ones who think they are gods, LOL).


  2. Ricki and The Flash was such a fun movie! Of course, Meryl Streep is always amazing, isn’t she?
    I’m glad your appointment with your doctor went well. So nice to find one who actually listens!
    Thank you for visiting my blog today.


    1. Oh, yes, I loved Ricki and the Flash…I’ve seen it three times now. And thanks for visiting back, Sandra. I was sooo pleased with my new doctor, who immediately listened and didn’t talk down to me. LOL.

      Enjoy your weekend…and your beautiful surroundings.


  3. This year I’ve had so little time for memories and doing nothing. Maybe this summer? Enjoy!

    Allergies aren’t fun. Good to hear your new medication might do the trick.

    I hope the doctor works out. So far, none of mine have. Even when ones listen, there just seems to little they have been able to help.


  4. We have been working outdoors. We painted our deck 2 summers ago for the wedding..and this paint was suppose to last 10 years..its coming up in long rubber sheets. What a mess. We will be staining it soon . Boo.


    1. Thanks, Judy, I am grateful that most of mine in this post weren’t from the 70s. The photos from that era are often discolored, as the albums we had back then were really poor. Some from the 60s are better than those from that era.

      Enjoy your week!


  5. readerbuzz

    A new Meryl Streep movie? I need to check that out!

    Thank you for sharing your family photos. Such a fun thing to look back through old photos.


    1. Thanks, Deb, and Ricki and the Flash is a movie that I loved for all the singing, but also for some family drama. I’ve heard her sing in a couple of other films: Mama Mia and Postcards from the Edge.

      Enjoy…and thanks for stopping by. I loved reminiscing about old times through my photos.


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