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I love the image (above), which makes me think of my unread books…but most of mine are on Pippa, my Kindle, so they hide…successfully.



On my Curl up and Read blog, I track the books I have purchased (usually for Kindle), and link to them when they are read…or cross them out when I have decided I can’t finish them.

Here is an update of books unread from 2014:

153 books purchased; 29 books unread (not including those I marked DNF)



95 books purchased; 25 books unread (not including DNF).


Because I am participating in the Read the Books You Buy Challenge,  I am whittling away at the unread books, even though, for the challenge, only those purchased from June 2015 through the end of 2016 count.  I have read and reviewed 21 books so far.

In 2016, I have purchased 18 books so far, and read 7 of those (also included in the total for the challenge).


What do all of these numbers mean?  Well, I need to make a better effort to read as I go, don’t you think?  Don’t let the books pile up or hide…and read more of them overall.

The constant work-in-progress, that’s the book lover’s fate.


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What are your bookish goals?  What keeps you reading, despite the odds?




  1. I rarely buy any books any more…that’s my goal…I almost hate to buy books. If I can’t get it to review…I wait for it and get it from the library…overdrive…


    • No worries…there is still plenty of time, Kathryn. I’m enjoying adding more to my challenge shelf, but I am also reading some really old ones…from 2014. They don’t count for the challenge, but it’s good to mark them off as read.


    • Thanks, Pat, I am especially pleased that I have cut down on book purchases over the years…so far, anyway, from 153 in 2014 to 95 in 2015. I am trying to start reading my purchased books right away, too, thanks to Kathryn’s challenge.


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