At the beginning of the year, I chose BALANCE as my One Word.  My goals for the year included finding a balance in my life…and in my reading.

Let’s assess!

Trying to cut down (just a bit) on requesting review books:

I received SEVEN review books in January, but only THREE in February.  None in March so far.

Good, right?

As for purchases:

SEVEN in January

SIX in February

THREE (so far) in March


Okay, not stellar, but here’s another fact:  I am participating in the Reading the Books You Buy Challenge, and so far, I have read and reviewed NINETEEN books (Purchased between June 2015 and Present).  Not bad, right?


Now, here’s the tough part.  What about the rest of my life?  Walking, leaving the house, socializing…

Well, let’s put it this way.  When I shop, I park a long way from the stores and walk that distance, and then walk all around the shops.  LOL

I do get out of the house more, mostly alone, to have lunch or dinner and read.  Usually with a cocktail.


lunch and reading - 128

My regular get-togethers with friends and former colleagues are the highlight of my months.

But I also enjoy eating and reading alone in a restaurant.  I read…and people watch.  Old habits die hard (former social worker!).

Progress, not perfection.


I have my annual physical today, and I know that she is going to scold me for something or other.  Usually it’s that I don’t get enough exercise.  Duh.

But so far, nothing too horrible has come of these events…so let’s see what happens today.

How are you doing on your One Word…if you have chosen one?






  1. I think you’re doing great, Laurel. I spent the last week with my parents. The topic of alcohol consumption came up. I told my mom that my GYN said women should limit alcohol to 2 glasses of wine. My mom said “per day?”. She was flummoxed when I told her “No, per week”. I’m aiming for 2/day, myself. Goodness!! We have to enjoy life, right?!


  2. I know exactly what you mean about everything you have mentioned. Most of my life has been in the midst of people…teaching and traveling so much with Den. I have always been surrounded by people and that’s good but I love staying at home sometimes. I love days when I don’t have to go out. I love days without so much busy ness.

    What about getting yourself a fit bit? I just read that getting steps or a walk in in ten minute intervals is really good for you. It will be easy for you to stay motivated and get in 10,000 plus steps in between your two drinks!


    • Ha-ha….I’m picturing doing fit bit in between my drinks…

      I have wondered about doing that, since lots of bloggers are. It is just sooo boring to walk in my neighborhood…but I guess I could go to the mall.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty…I will check it out.


  3. It looks like you are doing great with your Balance goals. My word was Simplify. I’ve started to simplify my photo collection – moving pictures from old albums to plastic cases. Stopped for awhile – need to get back to it. I just got a Fitbit in Jan. It has helped to motivate me to walk. I just started mall-walking (about 5 laps will get me to my goal #). I wish I had started it earlier in the winter. It’s not too bad. Of course I had to take advantage of a few sales along the way.


    • I am considering the Fitbit as a way to deal with that pesky exercise goal…LOL. So many bloggers seem to enjoy it, and going to the mall sounds like a less boring way to walk, too. Thanks for stopping by, Pat, and enjoy!


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