Bookshelves, Madeline Hatter, etc.

Today it is raining…again.  But I do love the sound of the soft rain on the roof, and in the kitchen, I can see the skylight with raindrops falling on it.

Above is my favorite bookshelf, purged of many books, but still showcasing some of my fairytale images.  The doll on the pub table is one I recently received from Amazon Vine named Madeline Hatter, a spin off from the Alice in Wonderland characters. 

I also have this one, pictured below.




My other dolls from the series are binned up and resting in my garage.  Should I retrieve them?  Could I even find them?  My shelves in the garage are stuffed with the unlabeled bins.  What was I thinking?  The concept of “see through” is a major flaw in the binning plan when everything is stuffed into the receptacles.  Sigh.




Meanwhile, I am immersing myself in books.  Reading from the Books I’ve Purchased is a challenge that is keeping me engaged.  So far this year, I’ve read SEVEN of those books.  I am also trying to keep up with my NetGalley and Vine books.

My current review book is The Widow, which is fascinating.  I’m not quite sure how this story will play out, but the characters all seem rather unreliable…which almost always intrigues me.  What an eerie story!  I am not finished yet, but I have some very definite ideas about the characters so far.  And I am not convinced by Jean’s “performances.”




My interior world is in a state of flux, and while I sometimes regret not keeping everything in sight, I also love not having to dust and rearrange so many things.

Do you collect things?  How do you deal with the clutter of them all?




  1. Ha, I have read one book from books purchased so far! But I still consider it a plus! At least all those bins are tidy though and things aren’t falling off the shelf. Cute dolls.


    • I had made a list when I signed up for the challenge, so I was eager to start reading them, Kathryn. Of course, I’m also reading review books….Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, I am happy about the organization of the bins, which look better now than in that photo. My son put the shelves up for me.

      I love dolls, probably because I wasn’t allowed any when I was a kid…LOL


  2. Oh my…the bin dilemma! I love putting things in bins to decide about later. I think the shelves and dolls look lovely the way they are. You could always divide shelf time with those folks! Sharing is good!


  3. Folks? I don’t even use that word! I am outraged! I wrote dolls…looked away and it turned into folks! iPad self corrector is very dangerous!


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