bedroom on dec 15

December is the month when we all get ready for the holidays, and plan our upcoming reading, especially what we hope to accomplish before the year ends.

Last night, I was reading a print book, trying to conserve the battery on Pippa, as I had a malfunctioning charger.  My new one will come today.

In a last ditch effort to charge it so I could finish What She Knew (click for my review), I plugged it into the computer…and it worked.

But I prefer the wall charger…so I won’t be reading on Pippa until it arrives.

Meanwhile, I was feeling cozy in my bedroom…and decided to snap the photo above…my bedroom bookshelf look after numerous purges.  There are lots of books on that shelf, but I’m okay with it…there is only one other shelf in the bedroom.  Once there were FIVE.  Here is the other one, below, on which I have moved a couple of dolls (on the left) from a nightstand.


dec bedroom another view


So…what to do with the rest of December?  Well, there are several books I’d like to finish before the year ends.  And then I am getting ready for Sheila’s First Book of 2016 Post.

My chosen book arrived in the mail the other day…but it’s a SECRET.  More later….

Right now I’m reading House of Wonder, by Sarah Healy, a book that has been on my TBR stacks for a while.  An actual print book, to carry me over until I get my new charger.  But it is a page turner, so I’m good.  It has mental health issues, family dysfunction…and hoarding!




Then what?  Well, the charger is supposed to come in the mail today…but if it doesn’t, there are several books on my stacks that I can read.  Never fear!


What are you hoping to accomplish before Year’s End?  What books, plans, changes will you make?



  1. I have two library books that must be finished before the end of December. I am reading Every Last One by Anna Quindlen to finish a favorite book challenge on Goodreads. It’s my last “E” book. I chose The Secret Life of Bees for my favorite book from 2014 and needed to read books with titles for each letter. That was a lot of “e”s! Then I too am getting ready for Sheila’s First Book of 2016, see you there.!


    1. Oh, I loved Every Last One…and I think I mentioned that it went out with one of my purges…sigh. But I can always get it from the library to reread, right?

      I also loved The Secret Life of Bees….I’m excited about our First Book of 2016 event…see you there, Judy.


  2. I’m down to one NetGalley book and that will be my First Book of the year. Once I finish that I’ll allow myself to get more from NG. I hope to read more books from my “shelf” in the coming year. I have print and Kindle books that languished last year so I want to make it a goal to read more of them than review books. I’ve made that resolution before but I really want to make it a reality next year.
    On the blog I have one more review (tomorrow) and then next week I’ll post my favorite books of the year. I’ll probably take the rest of the year off and spend the time with family (I might post a Sunday Post or two).


    1. I have vowed to read more books that I’ve purchased, too; and I even cut down on my review books this year, but I can’t resist the Kindle books, as they are so easy to download. Hence my NetGalley requests have gone up.

      But I love having some print books around, too. Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and good luck with the resolutions.


  3. I hope that your charger arrives and gets you up and running again. I read more digital book than print books. They seem easier on the eyes with the adjustable print.
    Before the years end, I would just like to reach my GR reading goal, which is pretty attainable at this point.


    1. When I got my first Kindle in 2010, I still read more print books than e-books…but once I upgraded to my Paperwhite (earlier this year?), my downloads increased. I love the Paperwhite, and being able to move between books on the device and those in the “cloud.”

      Yes, my charger arrived, Steph! Good news, too….it worked like a dream. It’s different than my previous one…the previous one had both the outlet part and inside it, the USB part…

      This one looks sturdier, so hopefully I will have better luck.


    1. I’ve noticed that, Patty…and I wish I could be more “day to day,” but the best I can manage is week to week. Lately I’ve been changing up the weekly plan, so that counts as “spontaneous” for me…LOL.


    1. I sorted through a few of my print books just now, and can’t decide what to read next….my e-books are calling to me, as they are mostly the new books, as well as some NetGalley books.

      Enjoy the remaining days of the year, Nise, and we’ll all unveil our First Books.


  4. Bookshelves are looking good, Laurel. Keep up the good work.

    Before the end of the year, I want to reflect back on the past year and then look ahead to the new year through some journaling, some of the “results” which I’ll share on my blog. Changes? A lot as always planned, but then very little really changed by the end of the following year. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Bryan, I’ve made an effort to cull the shelves just enough, but not too much. I don’t want to lose the sense of being “surrounded by books.” LOL

      Sometimes the changes are so subtle we don’t notice them…until we sit down and start looking at where we were the year before. Enjoy!


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