Born into Hollywood royalty, Drew Barrymore has shown her tremendous talents, as well as how she rose above a troubled childhood.

Wildflower is the story of her trajectory, told in an anecdotal style, but not chronologically; it is complete with photos. Imagine that she has sat the reader down and shared tidbits of her life…the good, the bad, and the ugly; she doesn’t mince words. She lays it all out there, from the flaws and fears to the blessings she now enjoys with her marriage and two daughters.

Her presentation includes the lessons she has learned along the way, and she shows us her journey, including trips to India and Africa. She touches on a brief marriage…and spends more time revealing how her past experiences prepared her for the marriage she now enjoys and the in-laws she adores.

When one adds up the list of her accomplishments—from the production companies, beauty products, and wine-making—and how she then comes home to her dedication to motherhood, one must ask how she does it all. She says:

“I’ve been in trouble for saying women can’t have it all. Things have to give if you really want to raise your kids, because it is all-consuming. It’s not that you have to give everything up. That’s the great news.

“But you can’t do everything at the same time….”

So her stories and her philosophies are encouraging for women, in my opinion. Knowing how to prioritize and even compartmentalize…that’s the secret.

A delightful tome that brought some of her stories to her readers…4.5 stars.


    • Me, too, Patty, and after reading the book and noticing the movies she has done, I started looking for some of mine…and couldn’t find the one I wanted! (He’s Just Not That Into You). I have a list of movies, and that one is on the list…but not on my shelves. Which means my daughter probably took it, but long ago, when she was still married.

      Her husband kept all the movies they had then on their shelf and sold them. What an a***!

      Anyway, I found it on Amazon Videos and saved it on my Watchlist.

      What I’ve learned….I always write down the movies people (daughter) borrow from me now! LOL


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