Welcome to my Interior World…again.  In the photo above, I imagine that the woman is sitting in her house, ready to plunge in and clean…or cook something, perhaps, but then her fantasies take over and she is lost in her dreams.

This week, the carpet cleaners are coming, and oh, boy, do I have a lot of work to do!  Yes, who knew that prepping for cleaning could be so much work?  Well, yesterday I removed all the little things from my rooms—baskets of magazines, birdhouses, small tables, etc.—and now my garage is stuffed to the gills with these quirky objects.  I suspect that some of them will never return to the rooms, as I realize how much harder it is to clean around everything…LOL.   Those decorative boxes (below) contain several sizes that can be stacked, and fill in gaps in the rooms.  But what a pain they are, now that I think about it!



Closet cleaning resulted in several trash bags full of old clothes, etc.

Back in the living room, I also gathered up and hauled out several bags of magazines…who knew why I was saving them?

I am not even close to done, but I got a head start.  I also cleared off the coffee table, leaving a bare surface except for the trays I use for coffee cups, plates, etc., since I usually eat at the coffee table.  The day of the cleaning, I will move it to the garage, too, along with (I think!), my pub table and stools and possibly the dining room table and chairs.  But will there be room in the garage?

Meanwhile, today and tomorrow will be heavy vacuuming, and on the actual day, a light touch throughout.





What do you think when you have a big job that you dread, but which will result in something good…like clean carpets?  Do you go into a frenzy?  Do you get easily distracted?  I like this little description of what can happen to me when trying to clean:



cleaning house-quirky


Now I am distracted from cleaning and want to read my book, Catching Air, by Sarah Pekkanen.  It is moving along quickly and I’m enjoying the characters and their problems.





The characters, two brothers and their wives, have opened a B & B in Vermont…and then along comes a stranger with a big secret.  We get to see each of their interior thoughts and feelings through the alternating perspectives.  They all have something to lose if this endeavor takes a wrong turn….


What are you doing, reading, or thinking about on a Friday? 



  1. You are so busy! It’s almost as though you have not had a relation day in a long time! I keep thinking about you bustling about! Are you having fun?


    • So true, Patty…it all began with the house guests, but now, with carpet cleaning looming, I have to do a deeper cleaning than usual. I am surprised that, while not fun, it is quite satisfying to get down beneath the surface of things. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I had a few busy years when the kids were young and had the luxury of a cleaning service 2x/month. I used to clean before the cleaner arrived. How nuts is that?! You have to move stuff for carpet cleaners so I get that. The silver lining is that you can weed things out that you don’t want to put back. That’s a win-win, right?
    I’m nursing a cold so I see a lot of couch time and reading this weekend. Catching Air is on my TBR list. I enjoy the author. I’m planning to finish reading The Expatriates tomorrow. It’s quite good. Have a good weekend, Laurel.


    • Thanks, Mary, and I hope you get over the cold quickly.

      I know lots of people who clean before the housekeeper comes…LOL. I do hope that I am sensible about which items I will return after the carpet cleaning. I suspect that I will have fewer “accessories,” which look cute, but have proven to be a bit of a nuisance at times.

      I think you’ll enjoy Catching Air…I just finished it.


  3. Having the carpets cleaned is awesome as they are so wonderful once its done. Not so good tidying up and vacuuming. I usually avoid chores and prefer reading, but a big job gets me moving. I had my house sprayed recently for ants and other insects, so of course it meant putting everything away, chucking out etc. But it did get me moving!!


    • I agree that it is worth it to have the clean carpets (or to spray away the insects), despite the chore of getting ready. The incentive to get everything done has spurred me on. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and enjoy your weekend.


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