Enter the interior of my newly rearranged office space.  Above, catch a glimpse of the new work station in my Nook, where a bookshelf and filing cabinet once lived.  And to the right, the sofa bed now hugs the entry wall, allowing it to stretch out the length of the room.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  Before my house guests arrived?  LOL

Here is another look…coziness:



The Nook Work Station again, with a bookshelf to the left.  That bookshelf was once across the room:



Here’s a view of the rest of the room, from the doorway:




Yesterday was a day of rushing from one place to another, beginning with taking Fiona to the Amtrak Station so she could go to the coast for a couple of weeks to visit friends.

She is the wonderful assistant who helped with my furniture rearranging. 

Later, I had a dental appointment….grueling!  Crown prep, as a molar broke.  Pain.  Now I must eat soft foods for a couple of weeks until the crown arrives, which means having to think before I choose my meals.  Or I could just chew on the other side…LOL.

Reading The Lake House...still.  Distracted a lot with all the activities, etc., but loving how the author, Kate Morton, takes us back in time and then forward, fleshing out the characters until we care about them and what has happened to them.





I love this summary:  A lush, atmospheric tale of intertwined destinies, this latest novel from a masterful storyteller is an enthralling, thoroughly satisfying read.


What does your interior world look like?  What captures your interest and imagination on this Tuesday?



  1. I love the new nook! It’s funny the way we don’t think of the best thing until something sort of points us in that direction…today is a weird day for me…my niece called to tell us her mother died and my sister called to tell us our aunt died. My brother is divorced from my niece’s mom and we have not seen her in ages…she sort of stopped seeing us but it is still so sad. And my aunt was always really mean to my mom…she would say mean things that would make my sweet mom cry…so I am sad because it all seems so distant? I am sad but in a removed kind of way?


    • So sorry about your aunt, Patty…even though there was distance between you, it is still sad when that person is gone.

      I’m glad you love my new nook, and it was only when the sofa bed was out so long for my guests and it was not easy to move around in the room…that I started wondering “what if I changed this to a different wall?”

      I guess I thought the work station had to be at that end of the room because of all the cords…but just moving the laptop didn’t require any cord changes…The modem is still plugged in at that end, but just an outlet and a surge protector near the nook was all I needed for my laptop and lamp. Simple. My granddaughter is good at managing these technical things…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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