Today was a restless blogging day, and even though I have been captivated by my newest review book, Pretending to Dance, I was also pondering how I could merge two more blogs.

Well, I did it!

Creative Journey has been combined with this An Interior Journey site.  See the pages I’ve added here, including My Creative Journey, with sub pages for each of my SIX published novels.

Yes, get it?  SIX blogs and SIX published novels.  There is something symmetrical about those numbers.

Some other pages came over, too, headed The Forest.  Here you will find some writing thoughts, originally transferred from my writing blogs—which are no more.


I seriously doubt if I’ll be deleting or merging any other sites, at least not at this time.  Six is a number I can live with.

Here are my blogs:

An Interior Journey


Curl up and Read

Snow Sparks


Rainy Days and Mondays





2 thoughts on “AND THEN THERE WERE SIX….

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