Good morning, and welcome to my Interior World. 

For the past few months, I have been so focused on my own “interiors,” and haven’t changed up the blog look.  So….why did I have to do it today?

I don’t know, honestly, as the itch strikes out of the blue…and I can’t stop myself.  An obsession?  Compulsion?  Yes, take your pick.

As I looked around my home today, I couldn’t find anything to change there…and those who read my blogs know that I am constantly rearranging things.

I did find a new frame for one of my Ireland photos…the previous frame fell off the wall and broke a few weeks ago, when I hit it while vacuuming…that’ll teach me to do that!  LOL

Just so I wouldn’t jinx things, I moved the new framed photo to another wall.  The one on the far left, is the reframed picture (shot by my photographer son in Dublin); the one next to it is a shot of old men in an Irish pub, also shot by my son (the Berliner, recently visiting in my hot city).




And across the room, you’ll notice a Red Hat banner, where the photo once lived; and beneath it, to the right, the Coca Cola jukebox, previously residing in my dining area.





Just in case you missed the dining room changes, shown in at least three other blog posts (LOL), here’s the new look….minus the jukebox, and with a country cupboard on that wall.  It frees up some space, which I noticed to be lacking when I had house guests trooping through to my coffee pot every morning.







I did some more changes.  Once I get started, I have a hard time stopping.  I switched the pub table and the loveseat….and rearranged some of the figurines on the bookshelf.






Do you like changing up your blog appearance?  Your home interiors?  Your outdoor world?  Come on by and share.



  1. I need to change things!! I keep wanting to change the pink that was here when I bought the house and make adjustments in the kitchen. Very lazy and tend to avoid because I know it will mean workers and disruption. I just pick up a book instead. At least with your rearranging you’d knock all the dust off!


    • Since I’m renting, I am limited to what I can change…so I move furniture and accessories a lot. I would love to do over the kitchen…it has horrible cabinets! I did change them around when my kids were here, as they were doing the cooking and thought the spatulas, etc., should move up to a top drawer. They were right.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and have fun changing things. And things do get dusted when I move things…LOL.


    • Thanks, Pat, and have fun adding another blog. That’s how I got started acquiring so many, though, LOL. But I don’t think I would have gone so crazy if I were beginning now. I am still trying to decide if I can combine some of the nine that I have.


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