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Welcome to my Interior World, a journey into my interiors…as well as a place where I share my thoughts.

Today my muscles are sore and a little achy….but that’s understandable, since yesterday—and into the night—I was on a mission.

I was tired of looking at the bookshelves in my hallway and finding them an obstacle course when I wanted to traverse the space.

What to do?  Well, purging was the first thing that came to mind…and while the books in the hallway were newer ones, I knew that one of my shelves in my bedroom had older ones.  In fact, most of those books were from the 60s. 

First I took all the books off the bedroom shelf…and lugged them to the garage.  I filled trash bags with them…and I admit that I over-filled them, hence the aching back.

But, voila!  Here are the empty shelves!


Next….moving the books from the hallway shelves onto this one, while tossing the books to donate into trash bags…again.

Hooray!  It took the better part of the day, since it is warming up here, and I had to take numerous breaks.  Here is the finished bedroom shelf.

refurbished bookshelf after purge

And here is the now empty hallway…except for the movie shelves on the left.  They are thin and don’t impede my progress through the hallway.


I need to stomp and squish the carpet for a while, as the obviously darker area was beneath the shelves for years!  My daughter has a trick with a credit card…and I worked it for a while.

Should I show you my garage?  Empty shelves stacked against the wall…and two large trash bags and two boxes filled with books to donate.  No…that would just make us all feel depressed.

I am still trying to figure out how I am getting everything into my car for the trip to the library.  I am visualizing mini-trips to the car…and at the library, they bring a cart to the car to be loaded.

Yes, that will work.

Here are those hallway shelves…before.  When I first started purging.



What do your interiors tell us about you?



  1. thebookdate

    Great work! I am reading a book on retirement at the moment and the author says to do this very thing. I know you have been at it awhile. It inspires me to do some as well. It must be very freeing to walk down the hall now! Does the library take the books, or do they just hold and allow people to take them?


    1. I think my library adds them to those that will be sold, at a library sale. Although I imagine they could also add them to their stacks. I should ask, right? LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I do more purging…but then I look around and see there is much left to do, and not just books!


  2. Patty

    Everything looks wonderfully clean and fresh! What about calling Big Brothers/Sisters? They will take one big bag of books from us…every time they come.


    1. Thanks! And oh, it does, Pat! I slept really late today….and the hot shower felt really good! LOL. And walking down the hallway without bumping into shelves (or maneuvering around them, which I had adjusted to doing), is a great feeling.


  3. Good for you! I need that burst of inspiration to tackle a spare bedroom… it tends to become a collect all and I am inspired to turn it back into a bedroom so I will quit storing things there…. like luggage, clothes to donate, books to deal with, etc…


    1. Luckily I don’t have any spare rooms here…just my bedroom and the office. Even so, I turned a closet in the office into a book nook….and have two other shelves in that room. I have five shelves in my bedroom.

      So getting rid of the two in the hallway felt really good! Thanks for stopping by, Sheila, and hope you find your inspiration, too.


  4. Those sore muscles are worth a job completed! I not only need to purge, I need to straighten up my shelves. They are out of the way so they become a catchall for those things I want to get out of sight to take care of later, but later never seems to get here.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Nise….and I feel as though I have been purging for MONTHS! And I guess I have been, but the task turned out to be bigger than I originally thought…LOL. And the sore muscles are worth it.


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