Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, from Tuesday/First Chapter/Intros, hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea; and Teaser Tuesdays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

Today’s featured book has been on my TBR stacks for just a short time, which is an encouraging sign, right?  A sign that the stacks are gradually dwindling.

Goldberg Variations, by Susan Isaacs, is one I’m looking forward to, as I have been a fan of this author for many years, and the author of the thriller Shining Through.






Intro:  (Gloria)

I am not one of those tedious people who feel compelled to speak in smiley faces.  Like:  Whenever a door closes, a window opens.   Of course they can never leave it at a lone, bubbly sentence.  No, gush must follow:  Gloria, truthfully, deep down, aren’t you thrilled it turned out this way?  You know, it’s always darkest before dawn.  But this…Oh, God, this is your moment!  You get to choose which of these three darling young people is worthiest to inherit your kingdom!  Isn’t it like some fairy tale come to life?

Don’t ask.

Okay, ask.  Here I am, pacing from room to room to room—and I am a woman of many rooms—trying to prepare myself for the onslaught.  A limo will be here any minute bringing three virtual strangers to invade my house.  All right, they are my grandchildren, but I barely know them.  Goldberg, Goldberg, and Goldberg.  Sounds like some shtick in a Marx Brothers movie.


Teaser:  So you don’t have to waste time reading between the lines, let me be up front about what my Tragic Flaw is.  It is losing control and saying what I truly think.  And the worst part of it is, I know how dangerous and potentially destructive honesty can be for me.  (p. 10).


Blurb:  At seventy-nine, Gloria Garrison must plan for the future of Glory, Inc., the beauty-makeover business that she has grown from zilch into an eleven-million-dollar-per-year bonanza. Gloria’s never been big on family, but she’s forced to contemplate her three grandkids as objects of her largesse.

There’s Daisy, a story editor for a movie studio; her brother, Matt, who does PR for a New York baseball team; and cousin Raquel, laboring away as a Legal Aid lawyer.

When Gloria sends plane tickets and a weekend invitation to Santa Fe, the cousins couldn’t be more surprised. But the visit holds an unexpected twist for Gloria, too. Always sassy, smart, and wickedly witty, Susan Isaacs is at her formidable best in a novel that is both hilariously funny and a deeply moving tale of family, faith, and discovery.


What do you think?  Does it pique your interest?  Make you want to read more?



  1. A dwindling TBR stack . . . I don’t know what that feels like. Haha!

    The blurb didn’t grab me, but the intro and teaser you did sure did. I love the author’s writing style. It makes me want to get to know Gloria more.


  2. The candor expressed through this character’s narration is utterly engrossing to say the least; I feel as though I would GREATLY enjoy this one! I have always believed that “honesty is the best policy.” (sigh) I should have been a lawyer 😉

    Great teaser Laurel!


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