A story that features psychic/paranormal energy, the power within crystals, and family legacies, Copper Beach (Dark Legacy Novel) grabs the reader and doesn’t let go until the final page.

Offering up a rich variety of interesting characters and settings, primarily in the Seattle area and on one of the San Juan Islands, the author gives us the Coppersmiths, like Sam and his parents, along with Abby Radwell, who has been blackmailed into searching for a mysterious lab notebook. One that holds valuable formulas, but must be unlocked via psychic energy. Then there are a number of nefarious characters, like Lander Knox, not to mention annoying ones like Orinda Strickland, Abby’s step-grandmother. Another interesting subplot involved Abby’s father Brandon, his third wife Diana, her stepbrother Dawson, and Brandon’s focus on his “perfect family” image that led to Abby being placed in a school for troubled teens when she was younger.

And why are all of these people seeking the notebook? What can it bring to any of their lives? And how does a seemingly disturbed young man named Grady Hastings set everything in motion? And who has hypnotically controlled him?

I was intrigued by the puzzling elements, but the romantic aspects added a lighter note to the story. There was an obvious connection between Sam Coppersmith and Abby that shows promise for the future. And let’s not forget the contributions of Abby’s dog Newton. A delightful romantic suspense novel with a twist, I recommend it to all fans of the author. 4.5 stars.


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