Our story is set in Australia, on Scribbly Gum Island near Sydney. An extended rather dysfunctional family is at the heart of The Last Anniversary, and we quickly meet some of the main players in this drama.Connie and Rose Doughty are the matriarchs and the head of the family business that features the Alice and Jack Munro mystery of 1932. And how Connie and Rose found a baby in a house they were reportedly renting to Alice and Jack…with no sign of the parents.

Baby Enigma would become the centerpiece of the mystery and the business, which included tours of the house and anniversaries of the event. The various grown-up children that descended from Enigma and her two daughters, Laura and Margie, were also part of the story.

Veronika and Thomas were Margie and Ron’s children, while Grace was Laura’s daughter. Laura’s husband had run off with another woman when Grace was young.

Grace and Callum have a new baby, and we learn quite a bit about the two of them, as well as how Grace does not feel like a “proper mother.” She often has rages and fears of harming her baby.

Meanwhile, Veronika is outraged that Thomas’s ex-girlfriend, Sophie Honeywell, has inherited Connie’s house after her death. Veronika is an annoying character that suddenly seems to find herself and becomes less hysterical in her behavior.

Sophie is another major character and her quest to find her happy ending takes over a good part of the story.

What is the true secret behind the Alice and Jack Munro mystery? How did it all come together, and who is responsible? And what somewhat startling final mystery, a secret of Rose’s alone, brings the book to a stunning close?

I had figured out the secret about the baby early on, at least the general direction of it. But the final reveal was a surprise to me. The celebrations of the mystery spanned seventy-three years until the truth came out.

I enjoyed the story, but this was not one of my favorites from this author, as there were too many characters and subplots to fully immerse myself or invest in any of the characters or storylines. But fans of Moriarty will still want to read it. 4.0 stars.


    • Sometimes an author’s oldest books are not her best…but there is still that trademark intriguing twist to them. I also have Three Wishes, by this author. Now I’m curious! Thanks for stopping by, Sheila.


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