It has been a productive month.  From the purging I was doing in the garage and on my bookshelves, to the changes to my interiors.

The little table/chest you see above, with the large and colorful bowl, is an entry way of sorts.  Yes, I have an official entry way, with the hall tree, etc., at the front door. (Below).



But this is my entry way, since I enter my home through the kitchen door, from the garage.  Here I deposit my keys…and as you can tell, perhaps, there are other assorted things, like a watch and some rings, etc.  Just in case I want to pick up any of them when I leave the house.



The little table is next to my Baker’s Rack, where I have numerous collections, including the books I have written (top shelf).

There is also a box behind the candle on the table, with a memo pad…where I can create a to-do list.  All of this is geared toward organizing my life.  After the purge, and before further purging.  Yes, there will be more.

One of my changes recently is tossing the ARCs almost as soon as I finish them.  Unless, for some reason, I hang onto them, just in case I want a reread.  Some of them have been that good.

But silly me…I know that rereading is not likely.  Why?  Too many books still unread, that’s why.

My daughter is reorganizing her space, too, having moved into the home previously occupied by my youngest son.  She is hauling stuff away from the garage.  I might take advantage of her trailer and haul some things away too.

We have to be ruthless, sometimes, and definitely not sentimental, when purging.  Can I do it?  Or will I procrastinate, telling myself that it is not time to toss out this or that?

Meanwhile, I keep adding review books to my stacks, knowing that they will complicate my efforts.  But as long as I stick to my plan to toss out whatever I can, perhaps we will be okay.


New books coming into my house this week:  The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah.






Another Night, Another Day, by Sarah Rayner






Even as I plan for eliminating some of my books from my interiors, I luxuriate in the comfort of having them close by.  And being surrounded by books will always be something I enjoy….until some of them must go away.

Do you have plans for your books when you add them to your home?  Do they stay on your shelves a while?  Or are they gone almost as quickly as they come?




  1. I have moved so many times in my life I don’t keep many books. This problem is solved with the Kindle as I keep many more books. Books I have to give up go now to my public library. Like you,there are just to many books I would like to read and have the time even though I usually read one a day.


    • Yes, I am all for giving to the library…I have an ongoing box that I fill…except for the ARCs, of course. Those are the challenge.

      Thanks for stopping by, Betty Louise, and moving definitely helps keep things in check! I used to move A LOT…but lately, I seem to settle in for a while, and then, there I am with too much stuff!


  2. I just went through another closet and guest room today, too and really got rid of clothes that are just not my taste any more. Books…I actually live when arcs fall apart because tossing them is so much easier. And I am with BettyLouise…I love ebooks! Easy to carry


    • Yes, clothes…I am noticing lately that there are some in the back of the closet that I probably haven’t worn since I moved here. Good for you, Patty.

      And e-books are a great solution. I am finally toughening up about those ARCs, and the need to toss them. I still cringe a bit, though.


  3. I am a neat freak, with everything having it’s proper place. Besides books which I cannot seem to part with. I purge everything else and I think it’s because 3 x’s in my married life we moved more than 3 states away and I was forced to let go of all but a handful. So now that we have been in our home for 8 years.i add bookshelves instead


    • Staying put does mean that I hang onto more things. In the 70s, I moved around 14 times; in the 80s, I moved 4 times; and in the 90s, I moved once.

      I am determined to purge more, even when I am not moving, as things do seem to expand. Thanks for stopping by, Kimba.


  4. I have a very hard time purging as I’m somewhat of a pack-rat, but having moved several times as an adult has forced me to part with things over time. I don’t bother to collect more books than can fit in one large bookshelf, because books are so heavy to move and boxes of them take up much space on moving trucks. I have bonded with my kindle because of this and don’t regret it. When I move or when I get too many books I donate them to charity.

    When I have finally moved to my last home for sure, I will then probably like to indulge in a collection of antique children’s books. It’s something I’ve thought about for awhile. Good luck with the ongoing purge and organization!


    • When I lived in the foothills, from 1994-2007, I really spread out. I had a guesthouse, too. So I started acquiring stuff. So many collections! I guess I thought I had arrived at my “last home for sure,” but then it became too hard to keep up the grounds and the houses. It was such a challenge to move when I came here, as this space is much smaller, so I did get rid of more stuff. But then I started more collections, but just enough to fill this space.

      I am beginning to regret it, although I love many of the things. But books can definitely go, as I have way too many shelves. They are everywhere!

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita. I can only imagine moving across states. My biggest move was from Northern California to the Central Valley…LOL.


  5. Yes keeping books for a reread is so tempting and I look at all mine sitting there that I loved but probably will not get to reread! I just got The Nightengale from NetGalley – I love Kristin Hannah’s books.


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